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can somebody provide me the stock files in the SD card of SE X8 please?Support

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  1. carlo0920

    carlo0920 Member

    good day guys!
    is it possible that someone will upload here the files that are in our SD card from the box?

    i mean,
    those files that are in the SD card that are part of the phone?
    some of the notification ringtones. (i.e. facebook pop, etc.)
    and the alarms. (i.e. multialarm, etc.)

    my SD card was corrupted and i was forced to reformat it.
    deleting all my files including those ones..
    can somebody help me here?
    cause i really love the multialarm tone in the alarm. :D

  2. yisao

    yisao New Member

    Hi guy: you multialarm is here: Multi Alarm Mp3 Download
    Download it in .mp3 format...I love it too!.. :D

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