Can someone explain these fuctions?Support

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  1. Poweranimals

    Poweranimals Well-Known Member

    I have these all activated, but I'm not sure what they do and I'm hesitant to de-activate them.

    -Multi window
    -S Beam
    -Air view
    -Air gesture
    -Smart stay
    -Smart scroll

  2. Turbodc2

    Turbodc2 Well-Known Member

    Multi window: let you use 2 apps at 1 time. One app will be on one side of the screen and the other app on the opposite side. Not every app is supported by it right now though.

    S beam : ability to move "beam" things to another device.

    Nfc: near field communication. The ability to transfer info through tapping 2 Nfc enabled devices together. You can actually use it to pay for goods at some places with it by tapping your phone on the machine. I've never done it though.

    Air view: the ability to see info by hovering your finger over certain things. I haven't used this yet so Idk how well it works.

    Air gesture :you can move your hands above the screen to make it do certain things. I used it while viewing the gallery. I moved my hand from side to side above the screen and scrolled through the picture that way. Seemed to work pretty decent.

    Smart stay: The device won't dim it's screen if it can detect your eyes looking at it.

    Smart scrill: while your reading, if it can detect your eyes, if you tilt your head back, or tilt the screen, it will automatically scroll down for you. Not everything is supported by this.

    Sync: I assume it means whenever an app wants to sync, like weather or email, it will let it happen.

    Hope that helps.
  3. vacaloca

    vacaloca Active Member

    Someone else posted this in another thread. Probably relevant to the OP... it's a simulator of common functions for the S4:

    Samsung Interactive Tutorial
  4. Slug

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  5. Poweranimals

    Poweranimals Well-Known Member

    Thanks. There's a lot of informative stuff here.
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