Support Can someone help me narrow down why Android System is using so much battery?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by SyrupBottle, Sep 3, 2012.

  1. SyrupBottle

    SyrupBottle Active Member

    Jul 31, 2012
    I had barely used my phone today and it was losing 10% an hour. I hadn't used it at all from the time I took it off of the charger until two hours later and it was at 80%. Normally it would still be at about 92%. This has been going on for the past week or so.

    I have also turning my phone on and off multiple times.





  2. ldivinag

    ldivinag Well-Known Member

    May 24, 2012
    once, i downloaded this corrupt video file and android kept wanting to fix it.

    and since i dont know which one was causing it, i just decided to do a factory reset. i was having issues in other areas too, so the reset was upcoming already.

    that fixed it.

    i forget the process that was running, it was like called MEDIA SERVER or something like that.
  3. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member

    May 25, 2010
    UK Technical Lead; Desktop Support
    Riddlesden, West Yorkshire, UK
    10h stay awake is a worry.

    Screen shots impossible to use to resolve. Its out of context without the main screen.

    Oh the list by the way....

    Imagine you're getting married. Your best friends (Google and samsung) give you a stagg / batchelor / hen / batchelorette party.... this is a list in no particular order of everyone they invited. It doesn't take account of those who did not even attend or that you don't even know some of the people.

    Its not a dynamic list of things using battery. Just a list of things that can use battery

    If you're and xda member, you can get "better battery stats" for free, however its worth the small price tag. This should help tell us where the wake locks are coming from
  4. SyrupBottle

    SyrupBottle Active Member

    Jul 31, 2012
    Done. Appears to be AlarmManager.
  5. Rxpert83

    Rxpert83 Dr. Feelgood

    Aug 30, 2011
    Graduate Student
    Alarm manager is an umbrella for lots of different things going on. Your search isn't complete yet
  6. SyrupBottle

    SyrupBottle Active Member

    Jul 31, 2012
    I ran "adb shell dumpsys alarm > AlarmManager.txt" and got a log. I don't fully understand it, though.

    Current Alarm Manager state:

    Realtime wakeup (now=2012-09-03 23:37:42):

    RTC_WAKEUP #18: Alarm{428dc3a0 type 0 com.nuance.swype.input}

    type=0 when=+10d16h50m5s543ms repeatInterval=0 count=0

    operation=PendingIntent{42454fa0: PendingIntentRecord{42948a38 com.nuance.swype.input startService}}

    RTC_WAKEUP #17: Alarm{429e0c98 type 0 com.motricity.verizon.ssoengine}

    type=0 when=+7d1h4m54s790ms repeatInterval=0 count=0

    operation=PendingIntent{429b1d60: PendingIntentRecord{42820b20 com.motricity.verizon.ssoengine broadcastIntent}}

    RTC_WAKEUP #16: Alarm{422dcfa0 type 0}

    type=0 when=+6d22h42m46s782ms repeatInterval=0 count=0

    operation=PendingIntent{41ef0ae0: PendingIntentRecord{42234850 startService}}

    RTC_WAKEUP #15: Alarm{42ac2cd0 type 0 com.motricity.verizon.ssoengine}

    type=0 when=+3d1h5m13s234ms repeatInterval=0 count=0

    operation=PendingIntent{428ca988: PendingIntentRecord{428672f0 com.motricity.verizon.ssoengine broadcastIntent}}

    RTC_WAKEUP #14: Alarm{42496ea8 type 0}

    type=0 when=+2d23h18m45s620ms repeatInterval=537921000 count=0

    operation=PendingIntent{42aa1bb0: PendingIntentRecord{42867548 broadcastIntent}}

    RTC_WAKEUP #13: Alarm{42a20058 type 0}

    type=0 when=+22h43m29s123ms repeatInterval=0 count=0

    operation=PendingIntent{41e128c8: PendingIntentRecord{4291ca80 startService}}

    RTC_WAKEUP #12: Alarm{42559b60 type 0 com.akproduction.notepad}

    type=0 when=+22h19m39s480ms repeatInterval=86400000 count=0

    operation=PendingIntent{41e44458: PendingIntentRecord{42559a00 com.akproduction.notepad broadcastIntent}}

    RTC_WAKEUP #11: Alarm{424662d8 type 0}

    type=0 when=+21h44m29s708ms repeatInterval=0 count=0

    operation=PendingIntent{42911af0: PendingIntentRecord{42465db8 broadcastIntent}}

    RTC_WAKEUP #10: Alarm{429082a0 type 0 com.alarmclock.xtreme}

    type=0 when=+15h33m17s543ms repeatInterval=0 count=0

    operation=PendingIntent{424c5b30: PendingIntentRecord{42908190 com.alarmclock.xtreme broadcastIntent}}

    RTC_WAKEUP #9: Alarm{42863b88 type 0 com.alarmclock.xtreme}

    type=0 when=+15h33m17s543ms repeatInterval=0 count=0

    operation=PendingIntent{4219cf10: PendingIntentRecord{42863a78 com.alarmclock.xtreme broadcastIntent}}

    RTC_WAKEUP #8: Alarm{42986f48 type 0 com.alarmclock.xtreme}

    type=0 when=+15h33m17s543ms repeatInterval=0 count=0

    operation=PendingIntent{42ae7370: PendingIntentRecord{42986e78 com.alarmclock.xtreme broadcastIntent}}

    RTC_WAKEUP #7: Alarm{42949910 type 0 com.alarmclock.xtreme}

    type=0 when=+15h33m17s543ms repeatInterval=0 count=0

    operation=PendingIntent{419dcd40: PendingIntentRecord{42949bd0 com.alarmclock.xtreme broadcastIntent}}

    RTC_WAKEUP #6: Alarm{42ac0b80 type 0 com.alarmclock.xtreme}

    type=0 when=+15h33m17s543ms repeatInterval=0 count=0

    operation=PendingIntent{424f1160: PendingIntentRecord{42ac0a50 com.alarmclock.xtreme broadcastIntent}}

    RTC_WAKEUP #5: Alarm{424af630 type 0 com.alarmclock.xtreme}

    type=0 when=+15h33m17s543ms repeatInterval=0 count=0

    operation=PendingIntent{420fb160: PendingIntentRecord{424e4178 com.alarmclock.xtreme broadcastIntent}}

    RTC_WAKEUP #4: Alarm{42ae70a0 type 0}

    type=0 when=+5h48m37s181ms repeatInterval=0 count=0

    operation=PendingIntent{42ae7020: PendingIntentRecord{42550808 broadcastIntent}}

    RTC_WAKEUP #3: Alarm{41da7428 type 0 android}

    type=0 when=+47m27s439ms repeatInterval=3782583 count=1

    operation=PendingIntent{41c9c320: PendingIntentRecord{42118788 android broadcastIntent}}

    RTC_WAKEUP #2: Alarm{42a98448 type 0 com.levelup.beautifulwidgets}

    type=0 when=+44m0s223ms repeatInterval=3600000 count=1

    operation=PendingIntent{42405288: PendingIntentRecord{42a98338 com.levelup.beautifulwidgets broadcastIntent}}

    RTC_WAKEUP #1: Alarm{429486d0 type 0}

    type=0 when=+3m24s239ms repeatInterval=600000 count=1

    operation=PendingIntent{425500c0: PendingIntentRecord{429485c0 startService}}

    RTC_WAKEUP #0: Alarm{42a26370 type 0}

    type=0 when=+2m53s143ms repeatInterval=1800000 count=0

    operation=PendingIntent{42129318: PendingIntentRecord{4241acf0 broadcastIntent}}

    RTC #18: Alarm{429db6a8 type 1 com.nuance.swype.input}

    type=1 when=+3d22h42m58s607ms repeatInterval=0 count=0

    operation=PendingIntent{41dbad40: PendingIntentRecord{4225a808 com.nuance.swype.input startService}}

    RTC #17: Alarm{4223a9d8 type 1 com.nuance.swype.input}

    type=1 when=+3d22h42m56s844ms repeatInterval=0 count=0

    operation=PendingIntent{42179808: PendingIntentRecord{425501b0 com.nuance.swype.input startService}}

    RTC #16: Alarm{42b1c6f8 type 1 com.nuance.swype.input}

    type=1 when=+3d20h28m1s748ms repeatInterval=0 count=0

    operation=PendingIntent{420b3f78: PendingIntentRecord{42afa710 com.nuance.swype.input startService}}

    RTC #15: Alarm{428e2098 type 1}

    type=1 when=+2d23h51m17s543ms repeatInterval=0 count=0

    operation=PendingIntent{428e2018: PendingIntentRecord{428e1f28 broadcastIntent}}

    RTC #14: Alarm{428e1518 type 1}

    type=1 when=+2d23h47m25s773ms repeatInterval=0 count=0

    operation=PendingIntent{428e1498: PendingIntentRecord{428e13a8 broadcastIntent}}

    RTC #13: Alarm{428e2f60 type 1}

    type=1 when=+2d23h47m25s773ms repeatInterval=0 count=0

    operation=PendingIntent{428e2ee0: PendingIntentRecord{428e2e40 broadcastIntent}}

    RTC #12: Alarm{428e1ce0 type 1}

    type=1 when=+2d23h46m17s543ms repeatInterval=0 count=0

    operation=PendingIntent{428e1c60: PendingIntentRecord{428e1bc0 broadcastIntent}}

    RTC #11: Alarm{421a8e10 type 1 android}

    type=1 when=+12h22m17s543ms repeatInterval=0 count=0

    operation=PendingIntent{420cbc58: PendingIntentRecord{421a7de0 android broadcastIntent}}

    RTC #10: Alarm{428e3330 type 1}

    type=1 when=+9h52m51s203ms repeatInterval=0 count=0

    operation=PendingIntent{428e32b0: PendingIntentRecord{428e31c0 broadcastIntent}}

    RTC #9: Alarm{42b18768 type 1 com.nuance.swype.input}

    type=1 when=+2h42m51s882ms repeatInterval=0 count=0

    operation=PendingIntent{41fa5420: PendingIntentRecord{42121940 com.nuance.swype.input startService}}

    RTC #8: Alarm{421fc4a8 type 1}

    type=1 when=+1h43m23s994ms repeatInterval=0 count=0

    operation=PendingIntent{42538920: PendingIntentRecord{428e2a28 broadcastIntent}}

    RTC #7: Alarm{428e2370 type 1}

    type=1 when=+1h6m0s231ms repeatInterval=0 count=0

    operation=PendingIntent{428e22f0: PendingIntentRecord{428e17c0 broadcastIntent}}

    RTC #6: Alarm{42182e50 type 1 mobi.mgeek.TunnyBrowser}

    type=1 when=+48m59s761ms repeatInterval=7200000 count=1

    operation=PendingIntent{4256f950: PendingIntentRecord{42a32658 mobi.mgeek.TunnyBrowser broadcastIntent}}

    RTC #5: Alarm{421e07d8 type 1 mobi.mgeek.TunnyBrowser}

    type=1 when=+48m59s757ms repeatInterval=7200000 count=1

    operation=PendingIntent{421e7dc0: PendingIntentRecord{4295f1d0 mobi.mgeek.TunnyBrowser broadcastIntent}}

    RTC #4: Alarm{42413668 type 1}

    type=1 when=+22m17s902ms repeatInterval=0 count=0

    operation=PendingIntent{429e2740: PendingIntentRecord{428e0fe8 broadcastIntent}}

    RTC #3: Alarm{428e36a8 type 1}

    type=1 when=+5m13s5ms repeatInterval=0 count=0

    operation=PendingIntent{428e3628: PendingIntentRecord{428e3588 broadcastIntent}}

    RTC #2: Alarm{428e2778 type 1}

    type=1 when=+5m2s140ms repeatInterval=0 count=0

    operation=PendingIntent{428e26f8: PendingIntentRecord{428e2608 broadcastIntent}}

    RTC #1: Alarm{420f1a18 type 1 com.bungieinc.bungiemobile}

    type=1 when=+3m1s672ms repeatInterval=600000 count=1

    operation=PendingIntent{4242c918: PendingIntentRecord{428c7c28 com.bungieinc.bungiemobile broadcastIntent}}

    RTC #0: Alarm{42a988c8 type 1 com.levelup.beautifulwidgets}

    type=1 when=+17s543ms repeatInterval=60000 count=1

    operation=PendingIntent{42404a40: PendingIntentRecord{42a98768 com.levelup.beautifulwidgets broadcastIntent}}

    Elapsed realtime wakeup (now=+1h17m48s916ms):

    ELAPSED_WAKEUP #9: Alarm{429c5430 type 2 com.facebook.katana}

    type=2 when=+22h57m11s84ms repeatInterval=86400000 count=0

    operation=PendingIntent{429c53b0: PendingIntentRecord{429c5310 com.facebook.katana startService}}

    ELAPSED_WAKEUP #8: Alarm{42292dc0 type 2}

    type=2 when=+22h53m17s237ms repeatInterval=86400000 count=1

    operation=PendingIntent{420a3038: PendingIntentRecord{42a9ac50 broadcastIntent}}

    ELAPSED_WAKEUP #7: Alarm{42a23278 type 2 android}

    type=2 when=+43m20s241ms repeatInterval=0 count=0

    operation=PendingIntent{41db7870: PendingIntentRecord{41ce7920 android broadcastIntent}}

    ELAPSED_WAKEUP #6: Alarm{42937068 type 2}

    type=2 when=+27m11s84ms repeatInterval=3600000 count=0

    operation=PendingIntent{41d7ec90: PendingIntentRecord{42268460 startService}}

    ELAPSED_WAKEUP #5: Alarm{42577fe0 type 2 android}

    type=2 when=+27m11s84ms repeatInterval=1800000 count=1

    operation=PendingIntent{42572f80: PendingIntentRecord{42572eb8 android broadcastIntent}}

    ELAPSED_WAKEUP #4: Alarm{42579740 type 2 android}

    type=2 when=+27m11s84ms repeatInterval=1800000 count=1

    operation=PendingIntent{425796c0: PendingIntentRecord{42579620 android broadcastIntent}}

    ELAPSED_WAKEUP #3: Alarm{42935a60 type 2}

    type=2 when=+11m12s349ms repeatInterval=0 count=0

    operation=PendingIntent{41c191f8: PendingIntentRecord{422f5e98 broadcastIntent}}

    ELAPSED_WAKEUP #2: Alarm{42a38068 type 2}

    type=2 when=+57s118ms repeatInterval=180000 count=1

    operation=PendingIntent{42a37fe8: PendingIntentRecord{42533c00 broadcastIntent}}

    ELAPSED_WAKEUP #1: Alarm{42879148 type 2}

    type=2 when=+1s675ms repeatInterval=0 count=0

    operation=PendingIntent{41b160c8: PendingIntentRecord{42943030 broadcastIntent}}

    ELAPSED_WAKEUP #0: Alarm{42836a78 type 2}

    type=2 when=-77ms repeatInterval=0 count=0

    operation=PendingIntent{41b17568: PendingIntentRecord{42957260 broadcastIntent}}

    ELAPSED #10: Alarm{4283cbe0 type 3}

    type=3 when=+22h43m17s233ms repeatInterval=0 count=0

    operation=PendingIntent{4208ba38: PendingIntentRecord{42a9ab28 broadcastIntent}}

    ELAPSED #9: Alarm{429e9f70 type 3}

    type=3 when=+22h43m1s102ms repeatInterval=86400000 count=1

    operation=PendingIntent{42a7aa70: PendingIntentRecord{422b4ca8 startService}}

    ELAPSED #8: Alarm{42291598 type 3 android}

    type=3 when=+22h42m49s716ms repeatInterval=0 count=0

    operation=PendingIntent{42079380: PendingIntentRecord{42079538 android broadcastIntent}}

    ELAPSED #7: Alarm{42a16ed8 type 3 com.alphonso.pulse}

    type=3 when=+5h57m11s84ms repeatInterval=21600000 count=1

    operation=PendingIntent{4254e0d0: PendingIntentRecord{42a16c80 com.alphonso.pulse broadcastIntent}}

    ELAPSED #6: Alarm{422d7440 type 3 mobi.mgeek.TunnyBrowser}

    type=3 when=+2h49m39s818ms repeatInterval=14400000 count=0

    operation=PendingIntent{421f5728: PendingIntentRecord{42437268 mobi.mgeek.TunnyBrowser startService}}

    ELAPSED #5: Alarm{42b79af8 type 3}

    type=3 when=+43m18s6ms repeatInterval=7200000 count=0

    operation=PendingIntent{428692c0: PendingIntentRecord{424c39c8 broadcastIntent}}

    ELAPSED #4: Alarm{41d954d8 type 3 android}

    type=3 when=+27m11s84ms repeatInterval=1800000 count=1

    operation=PendingIntent{41eaaff8: PendingIntentRecord{41e23940 android broadcastIntent}}

    ELAPSED #3: Alarm{4249a4b0 type 3 com.facebook.katana}

    type=3 when=+13m23s919ms repeatInterval=0 count=0

    operation=PendingIntent{4225f800: PendingIntentRecord{422826a0 com.facebook.katana startService}}

    ELAPSED #2: Alarm{42aa0038 type 3 android}

    type=3 when=+4m5s214ms repeatInterval=0 count=0

    operation=PendingIntent{41e96308: PendingIntentRecord{4210e3d0 android broadcastIntent}}

    ELAPSED #1: Alarm{4228b480 type 3}

    type=3 when=+38s718ms repeatInterval=0 count=0

    operation=PendingIntent{427cc880: PendingIntentRecord{428a8190 broadcastIntent}}

    ELAPSED #0: Alarm{428c0df0 type 3 android}

    type=3 when=+17s343ms repeatInterval=0 count=0

    operation=PendingIntent{41f28a68: PendingIntentRecord{421a7c08 android broadcastIntent}}

    Broadcast ref count: 2

    Alarm Stats:


    22786ms running, 10 wakeups

    4 alarms: flg=0x14

    77 alarms: act=android.intent.action.TIME_TICK flg=0x40000014

    3 alarms: flg=0x14

    7 alarms: flg=0x14

    1 alarms: flg=0x40000014

    4 alarms: act=android.appwidget.action.APPWIDGET_UPDATE flg=0x14

    1 alarms: act=android.content.syncmanager.SYNC_ALARM flg=0x14

    20323ms running, 0 wakeups

    1 alarms: flg=0x14


    6181ms running, 1 wakeups

    1 alarms: act=com.levelup.beautifulwidgets.ACTION_UPDATEWEATHER flg=0x14

    77 alarms: act=com.levelup.beautifulwidgets.ACTION_REFRESHTIME flg=0x14

    98ms running, 1 wakeups

    1 alarms: flg=0x4

    266ms running, 24 wakeups

    1 alarms: act=com.trustgo.recevier.HANDLE_NETWORK_STATUS_CHANGE flg=0x4

    16 alarms: act=com.trustgo.ACTION_ALARM_KEEPALIVE_SOCKET_TIME flg=0x4

    1 alarms: act=com.trustgo.action.HOURTRAFFIC flg=0x14

    7 alarms: act=com.trustgo.KEEP_ALIVE flg=0x4


    510ms running, 0 wakeups

    1 alarms: act=update flg=0x14

    27123ms running, 1 wakeups

    12 alarms: flg=0x14

    1 alarms: flg=0x14


    605ms running, 0 wakeups

    1 alarms: act=com.dolphin.browser.TabSync.UPLOAD_ACTION flg=0x14

    2 alarms: act=com.dolphin.browser.TabSync.SYNC_ACTION flg=0x14

    2 alarms: act=com.dolphin.browser.BookmarkSync.SYNC_ACTION flg=0x14

    270ms running, 10 wakeups

    2 alarms: flg=0x14

    3 alarms: flg=0x14

    5 alarms: flg=0x14


    65ms running, 1 wakeups

    1 alarms: act=com.facebook.katana.service.9 flg=0x4 cmp=com.facebook.katana/.service.FacebookService

    1 alarms: act=com.facebook.katana.service.14 flg=0x4 cmp=com.facebook.katana/.service.FacebookService

    1 alarms: act=com.facebook.katana.service.3 flg=0x4 cmp=com.facebook.katana/.service.FacebookService

    1 alarms: act=com.facebook.katana.service.5 flg=0x4 cmp=com.facebook.katana/.service.FacebookService

    1 alarms: act=com.facebook.katana.service.4 flg=0x4 cmp=com.facebook.katana/.service.FacebookService

    20ms running, 1 wakeups

    1 alarms: flg=0x4

    461619ms running, 12820 wakeups

    11 alarms: act=-6 flg=0x20000014

    26 alarms: flg=0x14

    1 alarms: act=-5 flg=0x20000014

    10 alarms: act=-7 flg=0x20000014

    12770 alarms: act=-4 flg=0x20000014

    69ms running, 1 wakeups

    1 alarms: flg=0x14

    21728ms running, 3 wakeups

    3 alarms: flg=0x14


    971ms running, 0 wakeups

    7 alarms: act=UPDATE_BUNGIE_WIDGET flg=0x14

    1ms running, 0 wakeups

    1 alarms: act=com.sec.intent.action.SYSSCOPE flg=0x4

  7. SyrupBottle

    SyrupBottle Active Member

    Jul 31, 2012
    Actually, I assume it's LightFlow, right?

    461619ms running, 12820 wakeups

    11 alarms: act=-6 flg=0x20000014

    26 alarms: flg=0x14

    1 alarms: act=-5 flg=0x20000014

    10 alarms: act=-7 flg=0x20000014

    12770 alarms: act=-4 flg=0x20000014

  8. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member

    May 25, 2010
    UK Technical Lead; Desktop Support
    Riddlesden, West Yorkshire, UK
    Possibly. The alarms screen on better battery is easier to read, as are the partial and current wakelocks. Those 3 screen shots would help
  9. Ches111

    Ches111 Well-Known Member

    Apr 10, 2010
    Colorado Springs, Co
    I am assuming you are on VZW. If so you may want to stop the VZW utilities. Specifically Sync/Backup. I found my phone to be really warm the other day and was losing battery at a HUGE rate. I went into the app manager and closed/stopped the VZW apps and the temps and battery usage stopped immediately. It seems they do not do it all the time but just on occasion. Just for this very reason I am thinking of rooting. Get rid of those Bloatware items.

    Hope this helps.

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