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can someone help me with this...

  1. BillytheKid

    BillytheKid Well-Known Member

    i really need a way to disable the power button from ignoring calls...at work i have to wear a leather holster on my belt for my phone, pocket wont work....at least 20 times a day when i get a call and try to pull my phone out of the holster i end up hanging up on the caller...it is getting really annoying, i have tried every which way to put the phone in and take it out, nothing works...if someone a lot smarter than me could please make an app or find a way that will disable the power button when a call is coming in i would really appreciate it! i posted this here bacause i figured we need root to do this.

  2. bradley975

    bradley975 Active Member

    I have the same situation. I have hung up on so many people. I'm afraid of pulling the phone out of the holster. I try to use the least amount of fingers to pull it out without hanging up on them. Very irritating.
  3. BillytheKid

    BillytheKid Well-Known Member

    man it really sucks...every now and then if i do it very slowly i wont hang up on them, but i would say 90% of the time i hang up on them...i really feel like there is something that can be done, an app or something...PLEASE!
  4. Bug Splat

    Bug Splat Well-Known Member

    Might not be the answer you want but adding a case that matches the height of the power button helps to stops bumping it. I had this problem before my Seidio came. With the case on I never bump the power button anymore.
  5. BillytheKid

    BillytheKid Well-Known Member

    i hate cases...plus w/ a case on i doubt it will fit in my holster (its a tight fit as is)...thanks for the suggestion though...may end up having to do something like that
  6. Mahalo

    Mahalo Well-Known Member

    I'm really surprised we can't remap the keys as we like... This is my first Android phone but I remapped a lot of my keys in WinMo after unlocking them. I'm sure someone will come up with a way. After all, there are a lot of pretty brilliant guys behind all this rooting and cooking.
  7. BillytheKid

    BillytheKid Well-Known Member

    that's what i'm hoping for!
  8. BillytheKid

    BillytheKid Well-Known Member

    i'm not sure if this has anything to do w/ the rom i am running or not (PMF 1.1 non sense) but i just found out today someone called me and i went to pull my phone out of my holster and i hit the power button and the phone stopped ringing, screen went black, and i was pissed cuz i figured i hung up on someone else again...i then hit the trackpad and the phone starting ringing again...thinking this was a fluke i came home and ran some tests to see what was going on...so now if someone calls my phone and i hit the power button and the phone stops ringing and the screen goes black, i can now hit either the power button or the trackpad and the screen will come back on and the phone will start ringing again!!! not sure how this happened, wether it's the rom or what but this is now fixed...just wanted to let anyone know who may be having a problem w/ this

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