can someone please help i brick mytouch c800

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  1. discua8

    discua8 Well-Known Member

    hi i have a LG MYTOUCH Q (C800) and today i rooted it and my friend was acting all dumb saying he knew what to do next. and actually installed CWM but flash the wrong version for the mytouch he flash over the optimus s so he went to the recovery and now phone is stuck in the LG logo i cant seem to do anything. please someone help me unbrickd my phone i didnt do non nandback up tho /:

  2. downeaststudio

    downeaststudio Well-Known Member

    Without a backup of your ROM you are done unfortunately... If you ask around you might be able to find someone who has a copy of the ROM they can give you. If not, I'd be making your friend either get you a replacement or pay to have it fixed.
  3. tballa4rizzzle

    tballa4rizzzle New Member

    Hey Downeaststudio I have a similar problem I feel like I had bricked my phone also but I did a factory recovery on the my touch q. Lets see the problem is, I had removed my default launcher from the my touch q and now after the factory recovery I can't seem to move or navigate anywhere on the screen.
  4. mobiletek909

    mobiletek909 New Member

    mobiletek3154.blogspot. com/2013/12/lg-mytouch-q-c800-stuck-on-lg-logo-fix.html :smokingsomb:

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