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  1. MajorMinor

    MajorMinor New Member

    Ok, so I've been attempting to root my breakout for a little while, and I finally figured it out, or so I thought. Actually I got to the final step in which you download the zip file from your sd card, but when I try to do so, an error comes up saying installation aborted or something like that. Can somebody help me with this problem, I almost understand everything about how to root it but this error keeps coming up. I have a feeling it might have to do with the transfer of the zip file to my sd card because that is the only part I don't really understand.

  2. dmc27

    dmc27 Member

    First you need to copy to your phone's SD card. Then, in CWM Recovery, you need to choose the "Install ZIP from SD card" option and select when it asks which ZIP to install. Are you saying that you're getting an error at this point?
  3. MajorMinor

    MajorMinor New Member

    yes exactly, it says installation aborted.
  4. dmc27

    dmc27 Member

    I never ran into this issue when flashing the rooting zip. However, CWM usually gives some lines of diagnostic information before saying "Installation aborted." Do you see these lines? Or, better yet, can you post a picture of your phone's screen when this happens?
  5. MajorMinor

    MajorMinor New Member

    I cant take a picture but i will show you exactly what it says when i flash the zip.

    "-- Installing: /sdcard/
    Finding update pakage...
    Opening update pakage...
    E:Can,t open /sdcard/
    Istallation aborted."
  6. dmc27

    dmc27 Member

    Based on the output, it's not even getting a chance to extract and run the updater-script within the ZIP file. Otherwise, the first lines that you'd see would say the following, as you can see from the calls to ui_print():

    ui_print("= =");
    ui_print("= Root for Pantech Breakout =");
    ui_print("= =");
    ui_print("= By: mtmichaelson =");
    ui_print("= =");

    I suggest you redownload, verify its MD5, and then copy it to your sdcard again. The size of the ZIP file is 631,645 bytes. Its MD5 is 38A080D267BF24081D6CB5541EB9510A

    You can check the MD5 of your downloaded using the following web script (or any other MD5 checker): Encrypt MD5 hash online

    If the MD5 is correct, and it still won't flash, ensure that you're running ClockworkMod recovery and not the stock recovery.
  7. richard917

    richard917 New Member

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