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Can someone please upload v8 romGeneral

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  1. acanadian

    acanadian Member

    Can somebody please upload the latest custom rom, I believe it is v8. Also any feedback on stability would be great!

    Andrew B

  2. kjbjm

    kjbjm New Member

    Have to upload the ROM to mediafire. Will post link tomorrow.
    acanadian likes this.
  3. acanadian

    acanadian Member

    Do you think the update to 2.3 is worth it? How have your experiences been with it? Just a question please still upload.
  4. kjbjm

    kjbjm New Member

    The shine plus is my daughter's phone and I didn't want to mess it up with the 2.3 update

    I am a bit of a hacker and wanted to see what jiilik and karendar had done so that maybe I could continue the work but haven't had time to work on it yet. Here is the link anyways.

  5. acanadian

    acanadian Member

    Hey kjbjm do you also have the v20a radio I was about to flash the v008 and realized I need this too. Thanks for all your help
  6. kjbjm

    kjbjm New Member

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