Can someone pull the google tv youtube apk?

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  1. reddragon72

    reddragon72 Well-Known Member

    What I am looking for the actual youtube apk from a google.TV box like the co-star. It has to be an ARM box and not an X86 box. I want to see if I can get it to install on my imito mx1 standard Android JB stick. I want the remote youtube ability.

    For those that are worried there are none, the youtube apk is a free app on the playstore so your not pirating anything. I have tried lots of places to get it and none have it. It should be the 1.5 version which is the latest in the store.


  2. Metosku

    Metosku New Member

    I've been looking for this same thing too. Any luck?
    I'm not for sure that this app will give u the remote ability.
    when u use the add to tv options..I think it only looks at your google account to see if you have a Google tv online. I have a google HDMI dongle that as of now I can't root. I believe the build.prop file tells your google account if it is a phone/tablet/tv.
    My problem is YouTube is stuck in landscape mode. And the build.prop is telling my account it is a phone.
    I have no way to click users to see other videos or to click related videos. I can use search and my play list. I know "YouTube for google tv" can solve my problem.
    Have u tried "youtube lean back"
  3. myshyak

    myshyak New Member

    taken from revue:

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