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Can someone recommend a game with external controller support?

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  1. chrlswltrs

    chrlswltrs Well-Known Member

    I'm at work and bored. I'm looking for something good to play. I currently have TDKR and COD:Zombies, but neither of those support external controllers so I don't want to play them.

    GTA3 runs awesome and looks great with all the settings turned up and supports external controllers, the problems is it crashes about every 10 min at most. I would buy Vice City if it worked the same but without the crashes.

    Can anyone recommend a game to try?

  2. El Presidente

    El Presidente Beware The Milky Pirate! Moderator

    I like the Sonic games. Episode One is good, but the last boss is pretty tricky. I'm running through Episode 2 at the moment and loving it.

    Dead Trigger is also Controller friendly too iirc.
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  3. chrlswltrs

    chrlswltrs Well-Known Member

    Downloading both now. Dead Trigger looks pretty good... Are there in app purchases? Seems like a really nice game to be free?
  4. El Presidente

    El Presidente Beware The Milky Pirate! Moderator

    Yep, that's the only downside. You can do the game without them, but they're still there and you're encouraged to buy stuff quite heavily I think. Its been a while since I played it though.

    What controller are you using?
  5. chrlswltrs

    chrlswltrs Well-Known Member

    A PS3 controller and the sixaxis app to pair it.

    So far I'm loving Dead Trigger, just what I was hoping for. I haven't bought anything yet, but I don't mind a few in app purchases when a really great game is free.
  6. El Presidente

    El Presidente Beware The Milky Pirate! Moderator

    You know you can configure the sixaxis app to mimic the touchscreen controls? Doesn't that work with COD and TDKR?

    But yeah dead trigger is great. I stopped playing for a bit and I've just never got back in to it, it's probably time I give it a go again :)
  7. chrlswltrs

    chrlswltrs Well-Known Member

    I haven't found a way to do it using the sixaxis app or the game settings. The games don't respond at all to any input from the controller.
  8. El Presidente

    El Presidente Beware The Milky Pirate! Moderator

    OK, take a screenshot whilst in game so you can see the controls on screen. Exit the game, open Sixaxis, then menu > preferences > touch emulation > edit touch profiles > Double tap to bring up the menu > Change background and add your screenshot. You might Need to rotate the screenshot, but once you have, click add button and you'll be presented with a list of controller buttons. Line them up with the on screen controls, save the profile and you're done.

    When you want to play that game, open sixaxis, pair, then load that games profile.

    Have you tried all that?
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  9. chrlswltrs

    chrlswltrs Well-Known Member

    No, I'll give it a shot sometime. Right now I'm hooked on Dead Trigger. Good info though, might make TDKR and COD playable :D:thumbup:

    Edit: created touch profiles for both games.

    TDKR is ok, most things work except for looking around. It works sometimes, but still kind of a pain.

    COD really doesn't work at all. I can walk around, shoot, and stab, that's about it. No looking around, no aiming, no reloading, no grenades. Not really playable at all.
  10. Covart

    Covart Well-Known Member

    If you would like a link for sixaxis button mapping for COD, Modern Combat 3 and now 4, let me know via PM. And yes, you can do everything in COD. It takes a bit to learn how to use the sixaxis app.
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  11. chrlswltrs

    chrlswltrs Well-Known Member

    I was able to do the button mapping for TDKR just fine, I'll give COD:BOZ another shot though. I'll send a PM
  12. The Miki Show

    The Miki Show Well-Known Member

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  13. chrlswltrs

    chrlswltrs Well-Known Member

  14. h4x0rj3ff

    h4x0rj3ff Chemist

    I've used a ps3 controller with tdnr and it works great. The trouble I had is pairing them. In the n7 atr guide there's a link to profiles for six axis app. It should be pretty universal. Check it out.
  15. The Miki Show

    The Miki Show Well-Known Member

    The link to those games work. The list I working on are all tested games. Maybe 1 or 2 touch screen menu touches but full controller game play. I will note that information next to the app. Also, you don't have to ROOT your device to play them.
  16. chrlswltrs

    chrlswltrs Well-Known Member

    I just created a thread here for anyone that wants to share their sixaxis touch profiles. Spread the word!
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  17. The Miki Show

    The Miki Show Well-Known Member

  18. chrlswltrs

    chrlswltrs Well-Known Member

    Really glad I didn't buy the Sonic games the other day. They are on sale right now. I downloaded the Sonic4 ep1&2 for $0.99 each (savings of $10 combined) :D:thumbup:
  19. El Presidente

    El Presidente Beware The Milky Pirate! Moderator

    I always end up buying stuff that goes on sale shortly after so I'm glad you waited too :)
  20. chrlswltrs

    chrlswltrs Well-Known Member

    Usually happens to me too. With the 10c and 25c sales Google did I think I bought about 4 apps total just to try, I already had 10-15 of them :rolleyes:
  21. Fireflies

    Fireflies Well-Known Member

    modern combat 4

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