Can someone tell me how to install .jar files i need helpSupport

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  1. sparten1500

    sparten1500 Member

    Can someone tell me how to install .jar files i need help

  2. cosine83

    cosine83 Well-Known Member

    - Put .jar file on your SD card
    - Make sure Java is installed
    - If you're not sure if Java is installed, get a drum and a maraca
    - Beat the drum with the maraca while doing a dance to your local sky god
    - Mumble, sing, or shout prayers to said sky god
    - If you're lucky, you might get the .jar installed but I doubt it since the package installer only recognizes .apk files, afaik
  3. chibucks

    chibucks Well-Known Member

    lol. silly.

    what i did with my instinct games is that i converted them to apks through this website:

    Get APK

    if you have the .jar and .jad files, it'll convert it to an apk.

    then on your phone, you'll have to download j2me or similar app to run these apk's... but if you load it through the package installer, it'll prompt you. hope that helps.
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  4. Lilnasty954

    Lilnasty954 Member

  5. Juanportugal

    Juanportugal New Member

    Hi, how did you do it with this site.? Do you need to download the app / buy it.. any help appreciated.

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