Can someone verifiy if Adobe Flash is working on 4.04?Support

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  1. Bonez

    Bonez Well-Known Member

    For those on Android 4.04, can anyone verify that Adobe Flash is working? For instance by going to someplace like (full site, not mobile) using the stock or Dolphin browsers.

    Looks like the Nexus got 4.04 about 3 weeks ago and the Razr is getting it this week. Adobe Flash is not working on 4.04 currently on the Razr using stock or Dolphin browsers.

    Just want to make sure that Adobe hasn't updated mobile Flash to work with 4.04 yet and there's nothing wrong with the software.

  2. Outatime

    Outatime Well-Known Member Contributor

    Flash is working fine on 4.0.4.
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  3. Bonez

    Bonez Well-Known Member

    Adobe says Flash will work on devices with 4.0.x, but will be unsupported on 4.1 and above.

    Thank you for responding. :)
  4. aurora40

    aurora40 Well-Known Member

    You can go here to see the version:
    Adobe - Flash Player

    Flash is an app though, you have to have it installed. And you might want to use the stock browser in case the one you are using doesn't support it.

    But it definitely works with 4.0.4, and FYI the GNex got it longer ago than three weeks. I bought mine about 5 weeks ago and it shipped with 4.0.4 installed already. I think it was released in March.
  5. Demache

    Demache Well-Known Member

    I think he meant the Verizon Nexus. It got the official upgrade to 4.04 way after the GSM one.
  6. forcedfx

    forcedfx Member

    Vzw Nexus 4.0.4 and Dolphin browser it works for me.
  7. radnar

    radnar New Member

    I got mine on my b-day the 8th of march the sad part was that my tablet updated all by itself. Every file I had went with the upgrade, as well as flash I've been fighting with adobe and Samsung since. There hasn't been any help! I have wondered if I may have missed something then I installed the jelly beans, and the ice cream sandwich. Its like they canceled each other out. not working I still can not see adobes video's. then I found that the flash file at googles android store was being given out again, this is after I had waited seams like forever, only three weeks or so. any way I thought my ship had come in instead it sank the new flash wasn't new at all just an upgrade that was gonna be released anyway. Adobe just hadn't gotten around to it yet. At that point in time Adobe it seamed to me was very upset at Samsung due to the law suit and having their good name dragged through the mud by Apple and Samsung. One thing I can say about Adobe is that they make a decision you can bank on it raining little orange elephants that fly before they go back on their word. If Adobe says something, you can bet its going to be done. Nothing in this world will,change their attitude ever. You can bet that Samsung will never have the use of anything Adobe has authored special for them again, I would stake my life on it. Android is a dead language as far as they are concerned watch and see.

    I've tried browsers most of them hoping that one may have flash ingrained enough to work with the files. You can bet that for me the internet experience is not what it should be without Adobe flash, you don't believe how many flash videos are out there in some of the places you may want to go. Puffin, the floating "e" half buried I thought might be the holy grail of files, but not to be. I've found that if I find a file that comes close its not to be because Java wont work now back and forth they do not balance to the point necessary for Adobe Flash to work. I was just fine before they yanked my files with out asking than my first call to Samsung the rep there was not sure what to do so,he finished my beans for me by formatting my hard drive and rebooting then it was all gone so much work. I believe that Samsung or Adobe one of the two is or should be responsible for these tablets there are over a hundred thousand of them in this shape. a class action suit should get somebody off the tired behinds and give us the file or new tablets that don't need flash you can bet your last buck that Some judge somewhere is waiting for this case thinking it should have been there months ago anybody want to bite the hand in court. My warranty is up in February so it better be soon guys!
  8. XLS125

    XLS125 Active Member

    It worked on 4.0.4 for me but once I updated to 4.1 it stopped working.

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