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Can someone with a stock GB Inc2 try this...Support

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  1. jntdroid

    jntdroid Well-Known Member

    Go to settings>applications>manage applications - then click on an app you've downloaded/installed.

    Does it ever act real finicky (fast flickering, etc)? Like you have to back out then go back into the app to do anything with it? Or you select uninstall, and it asks you to confirm uninstalling ANOTHER app?

  2. scott7044

    scott7044 New Member

    I have had the fast flickering with the values in the storage heading and have had to hit uninstall several times before I got a response.
  3. vzwuser76

    vzwuser76 Well-Known Member

    I've had the fast flickering when trying to move apps 2 the sd card. I assumed it's my Apps2SD app, but with what you're saying it must be with the OS. This happened before the Gingerbread update so I don't think that's to blame.

    It's annoying since after you move the app to the sd card the button doesn't say "Move to Phone" like it used to but says "Move to Card". A couple of apps I can't move (Netflix, Skype) because it says they can't receive updates when installed on the card, but several other apps that wouldn't necessarilly require updates will not move either. I hope it's resolved soon.
  4. jntdroid

    jntdroid Well-Known Member

    The problem I've had is that while I'm trying to make it work, I'll get an error, and basically the Gapps are gone off the phone... only thing that fixes it is a factory reset. Doesn't happen all the time, but has happened 3 times now in the past couple of weeks.
  5. Romey65

    Romey65 New Member

    Same thing has happened to me with mine. Flickering and multiple taps to delete app.
  6. spook45

    spook45 Member

    Same here too. Trying to uninstall 'Noodles List Free'.
  7. jntdroid

    jntdroid Well-Known Member

    Have any of you (or any others) dealt with the error where your Google account basically disappears off the phone - and basically, only a factory reset will fix it?
  8. mikells43

    mikells43 Active Member

    have had it during uninstall it, a reboot fixed it.
  9. sunflowernut

    sunflowernut Active Member

    Yes!! I had this happen to me last night. Also under applications "gmail" was greyed out and all my contacts were missing. Had to do a factory reset:mad:
  10. jntdroid

    jntdroid Well-Known Member

    Exactly... it's getting frustrating. After my latest factory reset, Twitter was messed up as well - like the .apk was frozen in /system.
  11. spook45

    spook45 Member

    That may be what happened to me also. I had the phone on and in sleep mode and when I went to use the phone it was very slow. When I finally got to my home page all of my contacts were gone. The only way I could get it working again was with a factory reset. I am hoping that it does not happen again.

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