can somone explain why everyone wants froyo?

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  1. Jack Daniels

    Jack Daniels Well-Known Member

    Almost no thread goes by where someone doesn't mention froyo or how htc will be upgrading the evo to it.

    whats so great about it

    And is HTC going to put it on all evos?

  2. VGPOP

    VGPOP Well-Known Member

    Faster, more optimized, FLASH 10.1
  3. cabbie

    cabbie Well-Known Member

  4. Jack Daniels

    Jack Daniels Well-Known Member

  5. thekarens

    thekarens Well-Known Member

    Search is your friend. You'll find lots of discussion regarding froyo.
  6. Jack Daniels

    Jack Daniels Well-Known Member

    i'm missing something i think is this the underlying kernal or the visible os?
  7. tardmobile

    tardmobile Well-Known Member

  8. dylan88

    dylan88 Well-Known Member

    its just better. thats really all you need to know.
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  9. ceothachosen1

    ceothachosen1 Member

  10. nRRe

    nRRe Well-Known Member

    it's a higher version number so it's better..just like Vista is better than XP...amirite?
  11. tardmobile

    tardmobile Well-Known Member

    it is
  12. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon Moderator

    Jeez, I don't understand what the point is keeping secrets.

    Straight from the horse's mouth -

    Faster, more efficient, and the new architecture will actually have some much needed improvements that will GREATLY help some app developers.

    HTC has announced that it's coming to the EVO. When is the subject of many other threads.
  13. Caloy

    Caloy Well-Known Member

    I agree. - 'more optimized' being the most convincing reason for me.

    Sent using my HTC Evo 4G.
  14. sessman

    sessman Well-Known Member

    its coming to the evo but not the hero actually
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  15. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon Moderator

    You are absolutely correct. :(

    Sprint expects to launch Android 2.2 "in the near future." | AndroidGuys

    MANY thanks for helping to limit my disinfo!!

    I'm hating on HTC on this one. I saw plenty of articles and blogs over the past months clearly stating it would be a problem for the Hero. Then, if any of you recall, everyone lit up with info that HTC had added the Hero to the list. By name. By HTC. I can't find any of that anywhere now, just the rumor posts.

    Well in other news - guess I'll be rooting WifelyMon's Moment real soon now.
  16. Premonition

    Premonition Well-Known Member

    I cant wait for froyo either and by the time we get it gingerbread (3.0) will be around the corner
  17. barnacles

    barnacles Well-Known Member

    Key features of 2.2. A lot of which is in custom roms already, but I am not rooting my evo this time round. Froyo is too close, and i'm happy with it the way it is. Thank you snapdragon.

    JIT (Just in time compiler) - increases linpack scores from 7-8 to 38 (saw in a youtube comparison running ported froyo)! Hero gets 2.5 average. Just know that thats a big difference! ( which means FAST!)
    Apps2SD- install apps on your sd card allowing you to have more apps then that capable or installing on the phones internal disk
    Flash- Of course this is good news, assuming it runs ok officially. Full flash support. No more flash lite. This means flash games, youtube videos on website without launched the player etc..
    V8 Javascript - Faster internet, browsing.
    Market- Auto updating apps or update all apps when your apps need updating

    I'm sure those videos go into more detail, but these are the main improvements you will notice. I want my desert!
  18. Jonhern

    Jonhern Well-Known Member

    Just wondering if anyone knows, when the upgrade does come out will it wipe your phone?
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  19. vgsantiago

    vgsantiago Well-Known Member

    For me personally: Flash, apps to sd card, voice dial through bluetooth
  20. dieNASTY

    dieNASTY Active Member

    Yea I don't want to lose all my stuff.our can I atleast save it to my computer and then bring it back
  21. barnacles

    barnacles Well-Known Member

    It could, you could always get an app like titanium backup and backup all your apps. Everything else on your phone should be on your sd card anyway or syncd with google.
  22. zeux6

    zeux6 Well-Known Member

    voice dial thru bluetooth is what I really want. It would help me greatly at my job.
  23. Jonhern

    Jonhern Well-Known Member

  24. Whiteboyx69

    Whiteboyx69 Well-Known Member

    Cuz frozen yogurt is the yum yums in my tums tums.... err my phone! JIT!
  25. nRRe

    nRRe Well-Known Member

    if i'm fully rooted, and i upgrade to Froyo from Sprint when it comes out would i have any problems? I know i'd lose root, but my phone won't brick or anything right?

    I came from an HTC Touch Diamond, and it never got an update, but I flashed some 30~ roms to it all the time.

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