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can somone show me how to set wallpapers in 3D>?Support

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  1. raghavsd9

    raghavsd9 Member

    hey guys i have some pictures and movie files in 3D for my lg optimus 3d phone. i want to set the wallpaper in 3D mode.
    how do i do it? is there any ways i can conserve power using 3d? iv heard it uses alot of ram and spu storage. i want the maximum level of graphcs but on low power setting so please tell me how to do that.
    Iv tried clearing the memory.
    Raghav. :)

  2. olbriar

    olbriar Moderator Moderator

    I moved your thread into the 3D area. The users here know your phone well and are best suited to assist you. Good luck.

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