Can the LG Optimus S be flashed to Metro PCS?

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  1. Kentenyc!22

    Kentenyc!22 New Member


    Forgive me as i am new to this but i purchased a phone from someone who told me that this phone was flashed to Metro PCS. Can anyone tell me if this phone can be flashed and if so with what? Thanks.

  2. hamagc

    hamagc Member

    i don't know about flashing it to metro but i don't see why not. i know alot of phones (android included) can easily be flashed to metro. i have not heard of anyone doing it with this specific device yet though.

    i do know that metro has their own optimus (LG Optimus M).
  3. apinkel

    apinkel Well-Known Member

    If you haven't already I'd recommend checking the metro pcs sub-forum on howardforums. There's a post there by someone asking the same thing... sounds like it might be a pain since the LG Ally (which is similar) wouldn't hold a flash due to the values stored in nv ram being reset upon phone reboot.

    Since metro pcs offers their own optimus I think I'd sell the one you've got an pick up the carrier version. That way you know it will work, now and in the future.
  4. SuperDaveP270

    SuperDaveP270 Member

    It can be flashed but not all MetroPCS locations will be able to do it. I bought my Optimus directly from MetroPCS but while I was there, another service agent was flashing two other phones to MetroPCS, one was the Optimus and she also commented that just buying theirs is "soooo much easier."
  5. asadullah

    asadullah Well-Known Member

    Yeah it can be flashed to metropcs. For the most part you can do it yourself except you gotta have your esn added to the metro data base. Honestly if you've been using android at all for awhile I would not suggest metro 2g data speeds suck.
  6. andyo70

    andyo70 Well-Known Member

    I noticed that post too. There's some fool that posted to that thread named elisa191 trying to sell a tutorial on how to do this. She/he is the same moron that lambasted me on cdmaguru's on the downgrade solution I posted here:

    Her/him and many others on cdmaguru's are interested in one thing only, your money. They seem to have been warned on howardforums about attempting to sell a tutorial.
  7. apinkel

    apinkel Well-Known Member

    Yes. That's been my experience with most folks involved with the flashing scene, including a few folks in some of the retail stores.

    I tried out cricket because of their prices and the fact that I enjoy the technical challenge of flashing my phone... I eventually found a decent tutorial for the phone I had (a droid x) but I found it just not to be worth the hassle.
  8. thecow

    thecow New Member

    Another thing is the 3G. They might have a hard time getting 3G to work. I tried ESN repair on Sprint with Sprint Optoims S and still trying to work on 3G. I posted this LG Optimus S 3G Problems after and hopefully somebody knows how.
  9. un1ocked

    un1ocked Well-Known Member

    it's a real pain to get the 3G worked, who wants to "donate" some clues?
  10. m4f1050

    m4f1050 Member

    I got the LG Optimus S on MetroPCS with call,text,web & apps, only thing I am missing is MMS. Still looking for a solution.
  11. traxx234

    traxx234 New Member

    hello i have an optimus s i have qpst and cdma workshop i just need to know what to do from here i will make a paypal donation to any help i get that works. please and thank you ,
  12. m4f1050

    m4f1050 Member

  13. asifali418

    asifali418 New Member

    yah i flash my optimus s to metropcs and now every thing is worked fine but for some portabel hotspot no trunning on its says error.but i got 3g on optimus s.if u need info pm me

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