can the moment be used as an "ipod touch"?Support

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  1. AndroidSPCS

    AndroidSPCS Well-Known Member

    I've been wondering, after I upgrade from the Moment to another Android phone in the future, and no longer have Sprint service on the Moment, can the Moment be used on wifi to browse internet, check email, play games, etc?

    In other words, like how the iPod Touch can be used without service, or a jailbroken iPhone.

  2. pastafarian

    pastafarian P√Ętes avec votre foie Moderator

    I don't see why not.
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  3. latinmaxima

    latinmaxima Well-Known Member

    Yes it can!
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  4. arrows83

    arrows83 Active Member

    It can but why have another bulky device in your pocket when you can get a real ipod touch or zune HD. With the battery life not being that great to begin with, I assume, you may not last thru the day using it as a PMP.

    just my 2 cents.. sell it on ebay or CL and use that money for your ipod touch.;)
  5. troublefunk

    troublefunk Active Member

    This actually seems like a good idea. Once you've turned off wireless, GPS, background sync, etc you should get decent battery life from the device. And you could even use a wireless bluetooth headset. Or else turn that off too. Hmmmmmmm. Might be on to something here...
  6. latinmaxima

    latinmaxima Well-Known Member

    Plus you never now when you may need it if something happens to your other phone.
  7. flyjbaker

    flyjbaker Well-Known Member

    Yes it can. And with it in "airplane" mode, the battery lasts forever. I just sold both of the Moments in the household on eBay though...might be a little early on that one as it is hard to find them EVOs now.
  8. AndroidSPCS

    AndroidSPCS Well-Known Member

    I'm thinking of handing the Moment to a relative, who currently is stuck on a legacy plan and can't upgrade to the ED plan. She can use the Moment for Android apps, check email, etc.

    So then the moment will be used via the wifi connection (not through Sprint since the ESN won't be activated), to browse the web, sync with Google, etc... Will have to test this out.
  9. troublefunk

    troublefunk Active Member

    Now if we could convince the guys over at SDX to build a bare kernel and a really stripped down rom. We could end up with a really nice media playing, voice recording, web browsing, book reading, live wallpapering, and even good quality picture taking device that's BETTER than some stinkin' ipod. :D

    Hey and I've already got all the accessories I need (case, car charger, headphones, etc.) Works for me...
  10. edp

    edp Well-Known Member

    this is what i plan on doing after i get a new phone. only problem is, the moment sucks as a music player.
  11. IOWA

    IOWA Mr. Logic Pants Moderator

    Yeah... the only beef I have with the moment being a pmp is its not loud enough what so ever. I've been looking into how to "fix" that. I'm also going to try to make a stripped down rooted rom that will get rid of contacts/calender/email etc and only keep the browser/youtube/and other media apps. And of course, google market =P

    Tapatalk. Samsung Moment. Yep.
  12. maylea

    maylea Well-Known Member

    I don't know that this is viable for you as far as loudness. But if you stream your music with Gmote, hold your ears! You can adjust the volume in the app to tone it down through your earphones. Really brings the loudness back when you want it or need it. For some reason the music sounds better too (I guess you can hear the percussion better). I stream it through WIFI but also 3G works well except for a longer buffer time. Easy to set up. Give it a whirl and see if you get the same results. You can either access a mix folder or m3U playlist so you don't have to go back and forth in the browser. Just remember to turn on network shares and port forward if you are going through 3G. Also, you can shuffle via the PC interface.
  13. Greavous

    Greavous Well-Known Member

    what we need is a good voip app so when we call it a day with these units you could still use them around the house as a phone via wifi. Something along the Magicjack system wouldnt be bad. ive used thousands of MJ hours and its always been good to me.

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