Can the Nexus 4 work with Consumer Cellular?General

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  1. rgraham1

    rgraham1 Member

    Is anyone successfully using an N4 with Consumer Cellular on AT&T towers ?

    I have been struggling without success and am wondering if others have had success using the CC & AT&T tower combination.


  2. ROLF3842

    ROLF3842 New Member

    Ron, Check the CC blog site and this entry:
    Sandra Chavez says:
    February 5, 2013 at 12:43 pm
    We are extremely pleased with our Google Nexus phones purchased unlocked directly from the Google Store. Work flawlessly with Consumer Cellular service once we got our terminology correct about the sim card size (we use the microsom) and is a fabulous phone at a very reasonable price. CC service is great, thank
    That's all I know.

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