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Can the Thrive be upgraded?General

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  1. K2andriod

    K2andriod Member

    I have no idea what the android platform is like on any other phones and this is my first phone with the OS, but I know that 2.3 "gingerbread" is out. Is it possible for us Thrive users to upgrade to this OS and how would we do that? If it is not supposed to happen, but it can be downloaded, how? Also, would that have a negative effect on anything like battery life, etc.?

    I am mainly just wanting to change the look of the OS. I have no idea what the launchers are, but are those harmful?

  2. TheAdvocator

    TheAdvocator Member

    The Thrive will be able to be upgraded once LG releases the software 2.3 for the device. While Gingerbread is out on other phones it has not been released yes for the Optimus line.

    I would try a launcher if you don't like the look of the LG UI but don't pick one that is a resource hog as it will slow down the device.
  3. K2andriod

    K2andriod Member

    Guess that probably won't happen as ice cream sandwich is supposed to be the one that everyone's going to switch to. I did install launcher pro and many other customization things and my UI is fresh now.

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