Can the Volume rocker feedback sound be disabled?Support

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  1. NotDeadYet

    NotDeadYet Well-Known Member

    Ice Cream Sandwich is a noisy PIA with this - when I adjust the Volume rocker switch, there is a noise which I find very annoying, and also potentially embarrassing. Other people do not need to know when I am adjusting my ringer volume before leaving my office for the evening, and the visual feedback always negated the need for this in the first place! I found no opt-out for this in the Settings (isn't that always true for the most useless and irritating "feature"). I'd like to know how much Google devs get paid just to come up with new ideas on how to infuriate it's consumers, but what's more immediately pressing is:

    Can this dumb Volume key noise be silence by any means?

    Thanks if you can help!

  2. NotDeadYet

    NotDeadYet Well-Known Member

    Sorry, I know this should have been posted somewhere else Android-specific! Can I move it somehow? If I can move it myself somehow, please let me know how. Otherwise, please don't beat me up for double-posting because it never got moved! I'll give it a day or two.

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