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  1. commonhub

    commonhub New Member

    I have just bought a second-hand Triumph and I used to be with S60 NOKIAs.

    I decided to charge my Triumph with micro-USB cable on laptop, that works perfectly for both of my Nokias. It turned out good in the first several minutes but then a red LED flashes on the top and it stopped charging.

    It do charges when turned off, but I am not expecting a phone that has to be turned off every time you want to charge it. Also, it stopped charging before fully charged.

    Besides, my laptop has never recognized the phone. I have turned on the USB debugging option and tried the ANYCUT method.

    Some searching told me that MT's original charger is at 750mA, 5.1V, which excess the capacity of a USB port. Some android devices has specific charging cable that cannot transfer data and specific data cable coming beyond charging(D+/D- issues). Is that true for MT?


  2. Devon is Cool

    Devon is Cool Well-Known Member

    mine charges on my laptop when the phone is turned on and off
  3. Ive noticed that if Im not using the MT charging/data cable when plugged into my pc it does not work correctly. I beleive most of the cables I have that dont work with it are ones that came with my original LG Rumor Touch & Lg Optimus V.

    Never have had any issues charging off of my laptop or transfering data to & from my laptop when using the Motorola brand "ECOMOTO" labled cable.

    As far as your research goes I think your close on your numbers. The MT charger I'm holding right now says the output is 5.1v ==== 850mA.

    Hope that helped ya out.
  4. commonhub

    commonhub New Member

    Thank you for your information, Jimmycrackcorn.
    Seems that we have the same problem. I think to get the phone work I should really try to get a genuine Moto cable. Though there are many available online, it is hard to pick out a really genuine one. I will try a ECOMOTO one.

    In wall chargers most brand do have their own modifications. Most have their pins (D+/D-) connected for max output. But I do not think that explains for the data communication. Data communication has nothing to do with voltage or amps.

    Still cannot understand the Data trans issues. It is challenging my knowledge about the world. \(=—=)/
    Thanks again for your information. I am out for a cable now!
  5. coco3133

    coco3133 Well-Known Member

    May I ask how old ur laptop is?
    I use my phone while on my laptop and it charges just fine.

    Also if you put a custom rom on your phone you can Under volt so maybe it would be enough to charge it then.
  6. commonhub

    commonhub New Member

    It is around 3 years old, but still USB 2.0 capable. I tried both XP and opensuse with the phone, but both failed. Also, I had tried it on my friend's Macbook, it also fails.
  7. coco3133

    coco3133 Well-Known Member

    Oh ok.... Did the drivers for the phone auto install on your laptop?
  8. commonhub

    commonhub New Member

    I did try a lot of drivers. None of them works. The phone is listed as Unknown device.
  9. OverByter

    OverByter Resident Slide Rule Guru

    Never had an issue charging it on my computer with standard 500 ma usb ports.

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