Can USB webcam be used in Android Tablet

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  1. maheshchavan

    maheshchavan Member

    I wish to buy a tablet pc with Android 2.2 without built in camera. But it has full usb ports. Can I attach webcam to it ? Are there drivers available for usb camera's ( external ) in android ?
    Also I would like to know if no wifi is present but ethernet card is there, then can I access internet using ADSL from Android ?
    Thanking you in advance

  2. lunatic59

    lunatic59 Moderati ergo sum Moderator

    Probably not. on both counts.
  3. maheshchavan

    maheshchavan Member

    Thanks for the answer
  4. kaybee327

    kaybee327 Member


    Sorry Lunatic59 got to dissagree.

    If tablet has ethernet board then yes you can connect to most routers and have internet but you will need to be attached with a cable.

    Agree table no wifi no internet but usb wifi are available so should be able to connect ( I think )


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