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Can use S2 as a RemoteTips

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  1. Myicha

    Myicha Active Member

    I just found out that I can use my phone as a remote. I have XFINITY so I'm not sure if others are able to do this whit their cable. If you have XFINITY(COMCAST) you can download the app from play store or on comcast.net(will be sent to play store).

    There's a list of cable boxes on comcast.net that the Xfinity app isn't compatible with. See be for downloading

    You must have a Comcast account on comcast.net (if not set one up). From your account(and phone) you can add all of your favorite channels for easy access.

    1. Go to PlayStore and download XfinityTV app and sign in.

    2. There will be something that says make sure TV is on and name TV

    3. Once you have renamed your TV press okay on your cable remote and you're done.

    With this app you can view what's on TV, change the channel (tap on the program then tap watch on TV) and record a program while away from home(must have a DVR box). I think its more useful for recording programs while you are away from home. But seeing as how my son is always hiding my remote I have to replace it with my S2.:)

    I also downloaded the Xfinity video player. It's like ON DEMAND but with less movies/shows.

    I hope this is helpful and easy to understand.

  2. puchasr

    puchasr Active Member

    Does Dish has something similar? Is there an App that will work as a TV remote? I have a Sony Tablet S that can work as TV or any other component remote but it has an built in IR, I think.
  3. puchasr

    puchasr Active Member

  4. Myicha

    Myicha Active Member

    You're welcome :)

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