can we configure our precedent to pick up airave signals?General

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  1. antennaejim

    antennaejim Member

    I have a weak signal in my house and would like to know if we can use a sprint airave to boost our signal. I know we have straight talk plans, but we do use the sprint networks. I get a signal at my relative's house from their airave, but when I try to dial out on my phone it says that I am on a sprint private network, that it will not access. My phone is pretty much dead in the spot since the airave signal is 5 bars and over rides any nearby towers until I drive away from the house with the airave signal. Anyone have any ideas how we can get hacked into these private signal boosters?

  2. sillyname

    sillyname Well-Known Member

  3. antennaejim

    antennaejim Member

    wasn't really looking for the device. I was looking for a way to mod the phone itself. But thank you for the effort. Both of those devices cost more than the phone!
  4. Rukbat

    Rukbat Well-Known Member

    Turn off the airwave for a minute and see if you can get service. Something tells me that the airwave booster is picking up a Sprint tower that a Straight Talk phone can't use. (You can't use all Sprint towers on ST, only those included in the ST/Spring agreement.) If that's the case, you're in an area that has no ST service.
  5. antennaejim

    antennaejim Member

    I have already changed my PRL to a sprint PRL so that should not be a factor.
  6. Rukbat

    Rukbat Well-Known Member

    You can only connect to the towers Sprint lets ST phones connect to - changing the PRL won't change that. The phone will try to connect to a disallowed tower, the tower will reject it, and it'll work the same as if you had the stock PRL. The only reason to change PRLs is when ST and Sprint change the allowed towers.

    BTW, Airwave may be provider-locked, in which case you just can't connect to it with a ST phone.
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  7. antennaejim

    antennaejim Member

    The Other prl thread on this forum is misleading if your statement is true.
  8. antennaejim

    antennaejim Member

    My phone came with prl 61007. With that prl my phone did not see a signal from the airave booster. When I switched my prl to a sprint only prl 11115 the phone picked up the signal but gave me the message I previously posted. So the prl does change what the phone can see as far as a sprint only or ST signal in some form.
  9. Rukbat

    Rukbat Well-Known Member

    Many people think that the PRL is the sole determinant of which towers you can connect to. It's not. I don't know which thread you're referring to, but that could be the reason for the difference.

    If you're allowed to connect to a tower that's not in your PRL - due to a new tower, or a change in agreement between carriers - a new PRL including that tower will let you connect to it. But adding a tower you're not allowed to connect to won't let you connect to it. If it were that simple, many people would be on towers they shouldn't be on. It's trivial to get the ID of a tower, and it's just as trivial to rewrite a PRL file. The best it'll do is get your contract terminated for cause. (Or with ST, get your phone bricked by ST remotely.)
  10. xPureEvilx

    xPureEvilx Well-Known Member

    Not really sure what your basing these comments on Rukbat A prl can make a huge difference. Sure a prl isn't going to let you connect to a verizon tower or one that doesn't use CDMA. But its pretty obvious that you have never really looked at a prl file, A stock Straight talk prl is missing a ton of potential towers that a stock sprint one has, and straight talk uses sprint passwords to login to the towers so any tower sprint is allowed to use your straight talk phone could potentially use. The stock straight talk prl is missing a ton of towers and puts your phone low on the list of roaming phones allowed to use that tower, changing to a Sprint prl can help fix this issue.

    As far as getting your contract canceled for changing your prl.... Find me someone who had this happen, I have never heard of it. Rooting your phone then using your phone to tether and then using tons of data is almost the only thing you ever hear people getting there contract canceled for.
  11. Rukbat

    Rukbat Well-Known Member

    Looked at one? I've written more than one.
    But not towers that a ST phone can use. ST doesn't have access to all Sprint towers, just the ones they've contracted for.
    Er, no. The tower will only allow your phone to connect to it if that tower has been told to (programmed to) allow ST phones to connect to it. Some will, some won't.
  12. xPureEvilx

    xPureEvilx Well-Known Member

    Any tower sprint phones can use, Straight talk can use.. but the default ST PRL does not have them all listed in it and flashing a sprint PRL to your phone will add the missing ones. Then its just finding the prl that works best in your area.
  13. Rukbat

    Rukbat Well-Known Member

    that Sprint has set up to accept Straight Talk phones
    Which ones those are - some or all - depends on ST's contract with Sprint, and since I'm not privy to the contract, I can't say what you did. But the system doesn't work that any phone used for an mvno can access any tower on the carrier the mvno uses. Each tower can be set to allow or deny any mvno. What ST and Sprint have agreed to allow is something I'd need to do a lot of traveling and testing to determine, and I'm not about to.

    Will adding a tower that doesn't allow ST phones on it to the PRL of a ST phone allow the ST phone to use that tower? No, it'll allow the phone to try, but the phone will be rejected by the tower.
  14. cje200

    cje200 New Member

    I too am having the same problem, whenever my brother comes over he wobbles in and out of service and yes a sprint prl will let you see the tower(airave) including verizon towers that sprint has signed roaming agreements with. It will not let you connect as the ESN of your straight talk phone is not authorized/registered to go through the towers. and there is no changing that....for the most part, but good luck. If you have Straight Talk where did the airave come from? They act as a seperate line on a Sprint account so if you ended service with them the Airave was deactivated. Possible ideas, A few sprint phones (Epic 3G for one, lolz) have had developers get the phone working with Boost, Virgin Mobile, Cricket (Canada I believe)
  15. MrUnknown

    MrUnknown New Member

    I work for Airave and the reason you get the Sprint private network message is because your phone sees the Airave as a Sprint tower, but when you try to place a call, the call processes through the Airave, then through the internet connection, to the Airave data center, hits the Security gateway, then passes to the Sprint switch where the call has to authenticate with a valid Sprint MSID. Through ST does use Sprint signal, their phones fail the MSID check and thus get hit with the private network message. You would have to spoof a valid Sprint MSID in order to work off a Sprint Airave.

    The answer is no.

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