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Can we make/receive calls with only wifi?Support

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  1. douknownam

    douknownam Active Member

    I saw somewhere that you can supposedly turn off your 3g (mobile network radio) and use wifi to make/receive calls. Is this true?

    I've attempted to test this out by using the mobile widget and turning it off. I can make and receive calls with only wifi on, but I still find it hard to believe. I'm assuming that I haven't fully turned off the 3g radio. Looking for options, as I work in a bad reception zone (basement). TIA

  2. archercc

    archercc Well-Known Member

    Through Skype and Voice, yes. Not on your regular Sprint line though.
  3. Vincent Law

    Vincent Law Well-Known Member

    When you turn off "mobile network" in the power button options, you're not disabling the cell radio, you're simply disabling data access. You can still make/receive calls (and IIRC, SMS texts), but you can't browse the internet on it.

    You can tell if you still have the cellular radio for phone calls on, if the signal bars appear next to the battery. They won't be there (or show an airplane in airplane mode) if it's off.

    Finally, you cannot make phone calls over Wi-Fi with your Sprint line. You have to make use of some VOIP software like Skype.

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