Can we put a custom recovery on thisSupport

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  1. bludhemn

    bludhemn Member

    Any thoughts? I've read that it has a messy bootloader that's similar to the atrix, but if it can be done on the atrix, cant see why it can be done on this.

  2. tattedman

    tattedman Well-Known Member

    The problem is that the bootloader hasn't been cracked..... I have been working on cracking it. once the bootloader is cracked we can install custom recovery.... I posted an article on temporarily install a custom recovery.... the only problem is that if the flash fails you are sol..... I am working on a custom rom now...... I am almost to the point of testing it on a live device..... but I am just hesitant as I have no fall back.
  3. bludhemn

    bludhemn Member

    Ok dude. Good luck. I'll keep scourging the net and see what I can dig up.

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