can we watch t.v on our androids?Support

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  1. nolad88

    nolad88 New Member

    Are there any apps or websites that allow us to watch t.v shows? I dont have cable so i would love to be able to watch my fav shows on my!

  2. JJ_

    JJ_ Active Member

    You can try the app. I think its a sweet app, but the only problem is that it only covers a few channels. Its worth a try though, seeing that its FREE and all. xD

    by CBS Interactive, Inc.
    >250,000 downloads, 24377 ratings (3.8 avg)
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  3. pentiger

    pentiger New Member

    Hi, if you have flash you can go to fastpasstv . com, -channels, -tv and choose a s show that is stored on a server in flv not divx.

    All of the current shows are there. good luck.
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  4. joser116

    joser116 Guest

    Its not TV but try Droid Streamer. Soon we will get a Hulu app but only for select Android devices, so it might not be ours
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