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Can you alter active Gmail without factory reset?

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  1. cheggerspop

    cheggerspop Well-Known Member


    I've recently got a Hero and have to say so far I've very happy with it.

    But during set-up I entered one of my Gmail account details, but now realise my other account would have been a better choice.

    Aside from my dumb-arse-ery, I'd like to confirm if it's possible to alter the Gmail account, without having to do a factory reset?


  2. G8D

    G8D Well-Known Member

    Dont think so. I am in a similar situation tho :/
  3. computerboyo

    computerboyo Well-Known Member

    That's what I have been asking, but you have to do a factory reset. Does anyone know if multiple accounts has been taken care of in the new ROM??
  4. daffyduck

    daffyduck Well-Known Member

    Think this is possible without a factory reset.

    If I open the HTC Mail application on my Hero, then menu/more/settings/account settings, I can manipulate my Google Mail account easily.

    I don't have multiple accounts feeding into the Hero, as I got round a problem with accessing my Virgin Media email by having it autoforward to Google Mail.

    Hope this helps.....seems easy to me but I could be wrong!?
  5. unknown-singh

    unknown-singh Active Member

    Hi seems to be a bug/issue with android in general. i tried several times to change my email after putting in the wrong address accidentally , and had no other option but to hard reset. i checked on a few other forums, some ppl said if you delete you gmail address from the email application, then it will ask you to enter your email again and some ppl have got it to work that way, but when i tried it didn't work just got " unable to establish a reliable connection" message.
  6. cheggerspop

    cheggerspop Well-Known Member

    Okey dokey, it would seem these is a way of doing this without need for a reset :D

    Firstly you need to press - Settings > Applications > Manage Applications > Google Apps > "Clear data" > OK.

    This will delete the Google account details on your mobile.

    To enter new details press - Settings > Data Synchronization > Google and you'll be prompted with the set up dialogue. Enter your new account details and Bob's Ya Uncle!?!

    Full credit to Dr Hotdog for this.

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  7. JoeC

    JoeC Well-Known Member

    I'd be wary of that method, as I tried it early on and it never accepted my password. My only choice was to factory reset, and then it worked.

    But, if it works, go for it!
  8. unknown-singh

    unknown-singh Active Member

    I tried that method too before i reset mine but had the same thing as joe c, kept asking for password, so hard reset and then entered correct email and was fine.

    hopefully there will be a bugfix/update for this.
  9. cheggerspop

    cheggerspop Well-Known Member

    The steps above worked for me, so not sure why not for other people :confused:

    However, the official line from HTC, having made contact with them on the subject, is as follows -

    "It is the only way, you need to do hard reset and then create a new Google mail account.

    Please make sure back up all your data before performing hard reset"

  10. JoeC

    JoeC Well-Known Member

    Yeah, based on my own experience, you can successfully delete the app data in GMail and GMail Storage. In fact, that's a knowledge base article from Google if you're having sync. issues.

    However, if you delete the app data from Google Apps you're screwed ;)
  11. MountainX

    MountainX Well-Known Member

    Hi - can you give a little more detail? I'm thinking about trying this on a Droid. The Google applications are listed differently. There are more of them and I'm not sure which ones to clear and in which order.

    Also, why do you say that "if you delete the app data from Google Apps you're screwed"?
  12. JoeC

    JoeC Well-Known Member

    I said that because after I mistakenly did that, I couldn't re-enter my Google account no matter what. I don't think it's still an issue, as it was early on when I got the phone.

    My only recourse was to factory reset the device. It worked after that.
  13. j4549ma

    j4549ma New Member

    I'm new to the Droid Eris phone. This worked VERY WELL for me. A little background:

    Purchased the phone on New Years day. Love it. Got to work on Monday and synched with my gmail. We use google talk in the building for information, inventory status etc. When sync was complete, ALL of my contacts in my phone were now on Google Talk. Took them out of GT on my PC. Every time someone would GT me in the office, it would go off on my PC and the phone. Got sick of that fast.

    Got in touch with a friend of mine who has one and we couldn't figure it out. Took it to Verizon and the Tech who helped me with my purchase said that I would need to wait for 2.0 system update. He has HTC Droid and he showed me where he can manage multiple accounts on his. He then looked it up on his database, and even Verizon said Hard Reset is the only way. Searched here and found cheggerspop's post above. Looked at everything and decided to go for it. Change was fine and even used the confirming email from this site to register on the phone (typing on PC now though). All my GT contacts from the office are now no longer on my phone. All other information is totally in tact! Sweet! Gonna show the Verizon Tech tomorrow.:cool:

    I used this site a lot for research prior to my purchase. Went with the Eris because form (read-thin) was more important to me than processing speed. Advanced Task Killer is very helpful in conserving battery life as well as all of the other tips in the Sticky. I pretty much run from about 5:30 a.m. until well.....phone is still on right now. Running average of about 32% Awake Time and battery is still at about 35%.

    Great phone!!!!

  14. Amit

    Amit New Member

    Firstly you need to press - Settings > Applications > Manage Applications > Google Apps > "Clear data" > OK.

    This will delete the Google account details on your mobile.

    This solution worked absolutely fine. Thanks every one !
  15. abhi134

    abhi134 New Member

    Hi Guys,

    I never thought I would write anything here, but after juggling for around 2 hours with the issue discussed in this post, I found out a way around this issue. FYI, I tried almost 4-5 different solutions this page or other such pages proposed prior to this.

    How about changing the password for email which is accessed through Gmail app. This worked as android tries to open the account with the same password every other time. Don't give him the password and create a new account for your email.


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