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  1. Big Country

    Big Country New Member

    DEVICE: Samsung Galaxy Tablet
    CARRIER: Verizon Wireless, 2 GB Data plan

    QUESTION: Currently, if you take a picture on the tablet with the default camera app it saves the file in the DCIM folder with an IMG prefix, then the date, then the time. Is there a way to change the default way that these files are saved to the tablet when taken with a camera?

    Not looking for anything super fancy, just a prefix of "IMG" then sequential numbering would work for me. If we could do prefix of "IMG" then the date then sequential numbering would work also.

    EXAMPLE: "IMG00001" for the 1st picture, "IMG00002" for the 2nd picture, etc.

    I couldn't find anything on Google or searching on these forums.



  2. kevyh

    kevyh New Member

    I'm looking too...I want to get rid of the "_" from the file names.

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