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  1. rbjhb

    rbjhb New Member

    Hi all

    I'm considering moving to an Android phone from Blackberry, but one thing I really like with my ancient Blackberry is that you can hold down the shift key on the keyboard, and use the scroll-wheel to select text. Then press the scroll-wheel and you get a menu that offers you options that include cut and copy. Then, if you've copied anything to the clipboard and you press the scroll-wheel elsewhere, it offers you the Paste option.

    Can the Xperia Mini Pro do something similar?

  2. keanzoe

    keanzoe Member

    i dont know if the xperia mini pro can do the same way..u can copy paste by pressing the word[copy] or bank area[paste]..
  3. rbjhb

    rbjhb New Member

    Thanks Keanzoe, but I want to know if you can do it with the keyboard, not the touchscreen.

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