Can you get Verizon or BB to waive activation fee?

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  1. Attackcenter

    Attackcenter Member

    [​IMG] Is there any way that you can get them to waive your activation fee for a new line? I'm purchasing my Droid at Best Buy.

    I just jumped ship from sprint. At Sprint you normally could call CS and eventually get them to waive your Activation Fee. Other times when the phone CS didn't work, usually we could just e-mail CS and they would waive your activation fee.

    I was told however that Verizon are very strict with their Activation fee.

  2. dbarrett480

    dbarrett480 Well-Known Member

    Activation fees are ridiculous. You are already paying for service (on a smartphone, that is a lot) and just bought the phone. You would think they could be nice and not charge a 35$ fee to press a few buttons to get you activated.
  3. Matthew

    Matthew Well-Known Member

    Its money out of their pocket. I doubt they will. I also read that they won't pay you cancellation fee for your previous provider, although that should be pretty obvious.
  4. androidnewby

    androidnewby Active Member

    Thats why you order online. I was told by Verizon CS last week that for the month of November all weekend (Fri-Sun) there are no activation fees for online orders. You also get "rebate" AUTOMATICALLY and don't have to wait for the mail-in debit card. For those two reasons, I will be ordering mine online. I was told if you order before noon EST, they can guarantee that you have the order no later than Wednesday. That being said you can also spend $20 for overnight shipping. I would personally rather spend $20 for overnight, than activation fees and have to wait upwards of 6 weeks to get my $100 rebate.

    Just an option for you :)

    ETA: order before noon FRIDAY ;)
  5. blue*lable

    blue*lable Member

    There was a special promotion at the verizon web site. The promotion was last week when i made a new contract it was saying free activation on every phone Frieday to Monday.The same promotion was happeing last week. I advice if you check the web site on frieday or the weekend it might still be going on. It also said free shipping too.
  6. Attackcenter

    Attackcenter Member

    When I put a smartphone in my cart and go to checkout on the Verizon site, it says free overnight shipping.
  7. androidnewby

    androidnewby Active Member

    yeah I got the free overnight shipping pop-up too...but just in case. Here is the free shipping code the CS rep gave me ;)

  8. ggp

    ggp Well-Known Member

    little known fact... when ordering on the web at overnight shipping is always free. :D Order Friday, fall in love on Monday!
  9. androidnewby

    androidnewby Active Member

    awww man...and here I thought I was special ;) thanks for the info!!
  10. TogaLive

    TogaLive Well-Known Member

    GOOD NEWS! The answer to your question is YES! I just called both our local stores, one franchised, and one corporate, after talking to the managers, and acting as a new customer to verizon who was interested in the droid, I was able to get both of them to void my activation fee :) To be honest, just tell them your going to be getting the droid, not that your thinking about it, and my result was that it took little to no effort on the convincing side of things, so it should be just as easy for you :)

  11. Attackcenter

    Attackcenter Member

    @Togalive: Thanks for the effort, appreciate it.

    I'm wondering though. I noticed that Verizon Franchise and Corporate was willing to wave the activation fee probably because your new and willing to purchase the Droid.

    I am going to be purchasing the Droid from Best Buy. I wonder if I could get BB to do it. Further, if Best Buy won't do it, then It may make it difficult to ask a franchise or corporate to do it, since they don't have any incentive since I've already bought the phone and signed a contract.

    What do you think?
  12. Droid2001

    Droid2001 Active Member

    Id also like to know if you could convince them to waive it at BB.... I want to get it there because of the instant rebate. Any experience with this, do they have the authority to do that?
  13. androidnewby

    androidnewby Active Member

    I went to BB tonight to do the pre-sale...and they told me no activation fee?? thoughts??
  14. Attackcenter

    Attackcenter Member


    That sounds great. I wondering though. I noticed that the Best Buy Mobile site and the Wirefly site looks the same, as if it is the same place. I noticed at Wirefly that they do charge a activation fee. Also, am wondering if they thought you were a regular or a new customer.

    I'm thinking it could be one of these three things:

    1. This could be a promotion that Best Buy has that there is no activation fee.

    2. It could be a part of the promotion that Verizon has when you make a purchase on Friday through the weekend.

    3. The Best Buy employee that you spoke to didn't know what they were talking about

    Did you talk to a regular Best Buy employee or someone from the Best Buy Mobile department?

  15. androidnewby

    androidnewby Active Member

    The manager on duty of the Best Buy Mobile department. I also noticed on they did not list an activation fee...
  16. Attackcenter

    Attackcenter Member

    @AndroidNewby: On the Best Buy Mobile site, when you go through all the steps for checkout, it shows a one time activation fee of $35.

  17. tpriddy

    tpriddy Well-Known Member

    I just called my BB cell phone department and asked if I would pay an activation fee of $35 and he asked if I already had a Verizon account. Since I have a Verizon account there is no activation fee.

    He said that an $18 upgrade fee will appear on the bill, but his manager was listening in and corrected him, saying, there is no upgrade fee on the Droid.

    I asked and he said I'll be paying sales tax on the full retail price $559 * 9.25% = $51.71 Sunnyvale, Santa Clara, California sales tax. Isn't 9.25% insane?

    I expect if you're new to Verizon you will pay for the work to sign you up and run the credit check, etc. The way he said "will appear on the bill," led me to think that it is automatic and may be a fee that VZW charges BB.
  18. androidnewby

    androidnewby Active Member

    Ok...that must be why they told me no activation fee, we already have Verizon and will be upgrading as well as adding a line. And yes...9.25% tax is CRAZY. I will gladly take my 6.8% :D
  19. TogaLive

    TogaLive Well-Known Member

    I am actually a very long-time verizon customer, I was just posing as one over the phone.

    The best way is just to ask for the manager, and talk to them, It cant hurt. yeah I would agree that the store, whether franchise or corporate would not want to waive your fee if you didnt buy it with them. Moral of the story, use your buying power involved with the purchase of the phone to convince the manager to void the fee, its alot easier then most make it out to be, especially at verizon stores.
  20. dmodert66

    dmodert66 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for that...I have been wondering...So I can plan on paying $250ish next week when I get mine (Best Buy)...I live in Socal, and our tax rate is the same or very similar...
  21. Droid2001

    Droid2001 Active Member

    Boooo. they should be waiving the fee to encourage me to sign up with their expensive network :mad:
  22. tpriddy

    tpriddy Well-Known Member

    Try ordering over the phone. I've always found them very accommodating.
    Be charming! no frowny faces! They can hear that over the phone.
  23. mcbtrain929

    mcbtrain929 Well-Known Member

    exactly. i wonder if you tell them that you're looking for a new phone company, and trying to decide between getting a droid with verizon or an iphone or cliq with att or tmobile, if they would waive the activation fee to draw you in. that might be my course of action....
  24. Droid2001

    Droid2001 Active Member

    Problem is I want to get it at best buy so I can get the rebate.... although the Best Buy Im going to doesnt carry Sprint phones so maybe I can use that as leverage
  25. mcbtrain929

    mcbtrain929 Well-Known Member

    booya! good luck!

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