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  1. rcyphermd

    rcyphermd Well-Known Member

    I downloaded about 30 live Wallpapers. When I click live Wallpaper, the list appears for about ten seconds, then the screen reverts to my home page. Suggestions?

  2. andygu3

    andygu3 Well-Known Member

    I doubt you could have too many live wallpapers but it's possible. Have you deleted them and made sure that there's not an issue with the phone itself?
  3. R4nd0mJ0k3r

    R4nd0mJ0k3r Well-Known Member

    It may just be that one of the LW you have is causing the crash. Did you download/update any of them just before this began?
  4. h1r0ll3r

    h1r0ll3r Well-Known Member

    30? I can barely find 5 or 6 that I like. Most of them suck.
  5. trainerjyms

    trainerjyms Well-Known Member

    I prefer to have my battery last than have some dancing picture for a second every time I open my phone
  6. Veritas4420

    Veritas4420 Well-Known Member

    LW's hardly put a dent in the battery on the N2.
  7. andygu3

    andygu3 Well-Known Member

    Maybe on a single core processor the battery would take a hit but battery consumption by a live wallpaper on a quad core processor will be very minimal;)
  8. trainerjyms

    trainerjyms Well-Known Member

    Good to know. I was trying so many things to eliminate battery usage trying to see how far I could go with it. Even went with a black background to cut screen use
  9. rcyphermd

    rcyphermd Well-Known Member

    I am now getting a pop up screen that says "Wallpaper picker is not working" and then the screen goes black for a few seconds and then my home screen appears. Any ideas what is wrong?
  10. TheOtherBill

    TheOtherBill Well-Known Member

    Go back to post #3.

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