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  1. Sheldonthegeek

    Sheldonthegeek New Member


    I need all the Samsung Behold 2 users running a android version of 1.5 or 1.6 to attempt to install the following application please and tell me if you are successful and if your not able to install the application tell me what you get and the version of android your using.

    The application is called Phone swipe or Pay anywhere
    The URL for pay anywhere is
    The URL for phone swipe is

    I am a merchant trying to install this application and the support website, says that its compatible with my phone version:confused::confused:
    Apply Now | Phone Swipe

    but when I install it I get error " Cannot be installed on this phone" I have even tried installing the apk directly on my phone and installing astro manager and i get the same error when trying to install. Any help will be much appreciated.

  2. slmar123

    slmar123 Well-Known Member

    These apps both require Android 2.1 or higher. The links you provided list this information on the right hand side of the page "REQUIRES ANDROID 2.1 and up", Unless they have a version for 1.5 or 1.6, it's not going to work with the Behold 2.
  3. jhon_be2

    jhon_be2 New Member

    Maybe it's too late now i want to know if there is any way of install whatsapp or any other app like that in behold 2. If anyone know is it posible???

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