Can you make a route on google map on desktop, then send it to the android phone?Support

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  1. MoreYummy

    MoreYummy Well-Known Member

    Can you make a route on google map on desktop, then send it to the android phone?

    It is alot easier to do it, rather on the map.

  2. psi-ko1

    psi-ko1 Member

    Make your route one the pc then save it. Make sure you are logged in or it might not work.
  3. krosenqu

    krosenqu Member

    Yes and no.

    I had this same question and found this post through a Google search and joined just to answer it lol.

    When you are done making your map on Google maps, email the link to yourself. You can either copy and paste into a blank email and save it as a draft, or use the built in email feature of the desktop Google maps.

    When you click on that link in Gmail on your android phone, assuming your defaults haven't been changed (you can always reset them), android should ask what you want to open the link with. If you select "maps" as I did, it says "looking for directions" and automatically imports all of your way-points and your good. Because I have a Droid, it then proceed to guide me there useing navigation. Sweet.

    Hopefully this works for you. Its the only way I found to do it.

    You could even create a label in Gmail for commonly used routes and use it as a portal, making the subject lines the destinations to keep organized. Me thinks that Android Maps should have something like this built in though.
  4. davidshockey

    davidshockey New Member

    This method works to easily pass a place to your phone. Once you have that you can navigate from where you are.

    On your computer:
    1. Find the destination on Google Maps.
    2. In the popup that shows, click on the star to fill it in. The star should turn yellow. This means it has been added to your starred places.

    On your Android phone:
    1. Open the Maps app.
    2. Open the menu.
    3. Choose "My Places" from the menu.
    4. Find your new destination in the list. (You may have to refresh.)
    5. Touch the Directions button.
    6. Touch the Navigate button.

    On your car/truck:
    1. Press accelerator.
    2. Turn steering wheel as needed.
  5. Gdalya

    Gdalya New Member

    I did this and it worked, but I have a lot of waypoints on my route (android added new ones at the turns -- there are more than I coded on my PC). I found that after a maximum number, rather than adding a waypoint to the map, Google Maps on Android starting using my old waypoints in order.

    Is this a known bug?

    Is there a workaround?
  6. IainJ

    IainJ New Member

    If you use Chrome on your desktop, you can create the route on Google maps and then send it to your android via 'Chrome to Phone' where it should arrive and be ready to use almost immediately.
  7. NJRonbo

    NJRonbo Well-Known Member

    Just found this thread via a search.

    Is this still the most up-to-date method of creating a route on your desktop and then transferring it to the Android?

    I take it that it must be done through Google Chrome To Phone Extension?
  8. nerys

    nerys Well-Known Member

    this method does NOT properly work at least not completely.

    when I make a link and load that link and then fox to phone that link it DOES appear to work.

    there was an extra leg on the map but it appears to be correct.

    but once I clicked navigation it "broke" the routing and it was back to its way and it dropped the second leg (A to B but no B to C)

    GRRR this is something that should be DUH and is not. very annoying.
  9. jrussell88

    jrussell88 New Member

    I set up a custom route on Chrome on my PC, then saved it to My Places.

    When I opened it up from my Android phone - selecting "My Places" from the Maps drop-down on the top left - the phone displayed my custom route correctly.

    The starting point displayed on the map with a Directions button - unfortunately that only gave the route to the starting point and I couldn't find a way to make navigation follow my route.
  10. cookrd1

    cookrd1 New Member

    Just another nail in the coffin to drive me back to iOS.
  11. Pottertons

    Pottertons Well-Known Member


    I use Chrome to Phone religiously but never thought of this for maps.

    Just tried a sample and when you click on the link from the notification bar, the respective apps pop up in a window, giving you the option to select the one that you wish to use to open the link.

    Clicked on maps and it instantly pulls up the route on your phone.
  12. supradan88

    supradan88 New Member

    Has anyone found a good solution to this? I created a route that starts at my driveway and drives through 22 miles of twisty mountain roads and back to my driveway - consists of 14 waypoints.
    However, when I send the link to the route to my phone it only looks at start and end points and says "less than a minute"
    I'm assuming this is just another shortcoming of Google Maps - are there other nav apps out there that will do this sort of thing?
  13. ihtisham

    ihtisham New Member

    Don't know whether I am late. But, Google has recently updated its Google Maps with a feature which allows you to send Directs from desktop to Android Phone.

    News: Life Hacker
    How to Tut : Techswatch

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