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Can you play Video out to Your TV?Support

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  1. jajordan74

    jajordan74 New Member

    Is it possible to play video out to my TV from my LG Optimus V?

    I initially would have thought this was possible with a cord that went from the accesory port to RCA, but I've never seen anything on this. I assume it is cannot do this, but I just wanted to check. I know my friend does it with his iPhone.

  2. TVCCS

    TVCCS Well-Known Member

    No...the V does not have an HDMI video port, as do some other phones.
  3. kc3

    kc3 Well-Known Member

    Only option I can see is if you have a TV that can run videos off of thumb drives, than just plug it into your TV and mount it as a mass storage device.
  4. weddle

    weddle Well-Known Member

    Hmm, would that mean its not possible to do it through the usb port of an xbox 360?
  5. kc3

    kc3 Well-Known Member

    idk, I've never owned a 360 but if it can support mass storage devices than I'd imagine it'd be doable
  6. tli

    tli Well-Known Member

    This can be done but not directly via a cable connection though. You could stream video files, via the phone's WiFi network connection, through your home network from the Optimus to a media player attached to your TV. I haven't actually done this... but I have streamed video files that are on my phone and watched the movies on my desktop PC wirelessly.
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  7. jajordan74

    jajordan74 New Member

    I hadn't thought of my xbox. I bet it work be able to get to the videos just as it can a usb flash drive. Thanks.

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