Can you preprogram #1 voicemail speed dial?General

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  1. jvolzer

    jvolzer Active Member

    This is pretty minor, but I'd like to set a speed dial number for #1, which is currently used for voicemail with *86. I'd like to program it to dial my Google Voice number rather than *86.

    Here's why:

    I have my voicemail set to go to Google Voice and that works fine, but when I use the #1 speed dial key (*86) it appears that Verizon doesn't forward my Caller ID number to Google, so it doesn't recognize that I'm calling from my phone and prompt for my password. Instead, it plays my voicemail greeting as it does to callers.

    In the short run, I added my Google Voice number as a contact and set it for speed dial button 2. But I'd like to set it for #1 just because of habit of using it.

  2. Chopstick2U

    Chopstick2U Well-Known Member

    Just checked and mine is already set up to use the #1 speed dial to call GVoice. Did you download the GVoice app? Mine must have automatically set everything up. With the app installed, I never physically dial in to my voice mail. I did it for the very first time just now... out of curiosity.

    But if you go into settings, call, voicemail settings... you should be able to enter your GVoice number there.
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  3. There is also the choice to change the voicemail service right above voicemail settings. I would change the number that is dialed first because it should work then try and change the carrier if needed.
  4. jvolzer

    jvolzer Active Member

    That did the trick, thanks. Yes, I've got the app installed, but sometime it just seems a little slow, particularly if I've only got 1X coverage rather than 3G. So sometimes I just want to dial in.
  5. gruss

    gruss Well-Known Member

    Settings>call>voicemail settings. You can change the number to whatever ya want.

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