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  1. dnelms

    dnelms Active Member

    I got 2 Droid X's last Saturday. If you hold mine and my wife's side by side (in the house), she gets 3G and 3 to 4 bars, while mine is 1X or lower with no bars 90% of the time.

    The folks at my local store did a *228, option 2 on my phone and asked me to the same when I got home. Distance between the store and my house is about 9 miles. I did this. Still no help.

    So i looked at my wife's phone and the PRL version on her phone is 65169, the version on mine is 52105. Obviously her list sees better towers or something. Is there any way to get my phone to set at that same version of the PRL list? A way to get a specific PRL on the phone?

    I get good reception most everywhere else, but the fact that the exact 2 phones have such vastly different reception in the same place is frustrating.

  2. buxleyp

    buxleyp Well-Known Member

    I just updated my PRL, and it seems like 52105 is the latest version. Folks on this thread (Update your PRL'S - Page 20 - Droid Forum - Verizon Droid & the Motorola Droid Forum) also report 52105 is the latest.

    Unless there's different PRL numbers for different areas, your phone has the latest PRL. Not sure what's going on with your wife's phone. Also, unless you live in the boondocks or in a place with actively changing towers, a PRL update shouldn't be that much of a difference with reception between the two phones.

    Instead of bars, what is the reception in db for the two phones? Also make sure you're holding them the same way and with the same (or no) case.
  3. dnelms

    dnelms Active Member

    Just an update. The store I bought the phone from said I'd need to take it to a store with a tech to get a specific PRL update. I called the store they referred me to, they did not have a tech as the VZW page said they did. So I called the nearest store to my work and figured I'd go by there Monday during lunch. They did have a tech on staff, but the woman who answered said they could just push the PRL that I requested without me coming in. She got my wife's number and my number and in a few minutes I was updated to 65169. I have not been below 3 bars and 3G since they did it. ​
  4. wsbsteven

    wsbsteven Well-Known Member

    In dnelms's case, he is in an old Alltel area and his wife had the hybrid (verizon and alltel) prl while he just had the verizon prl. Once he had been given access to alltel's towers, his signal improved.

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