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  1. Captain Sexy

    Captain Sexy Well-Known Member

    So recently I upgraded the ram on my computer and it got me thinking. Can I upgrade the ram on my phone? Seems like with all the new phones coming out for around $200 to $250, you could simply swap chips and save $150. I'm guessing no, but does anybody know if you can just get the chip set from say an eve 3d and install it to the regular evo?

  2. ocnbrze

    ocnbrze DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!! Moderator

    you probably could, but there is no way i'm taking my phone apart.

    the best way to get around that is to root your phone and partition your card. by doing that i have 150 or so apps on my card. these apps are there on my card in its entirety not like apps2sd where only a part of the app is moved. unfortunately you will have to wait to root your phone.
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  3. mcl1981

    mcl1981 Well-Known Member

    Why would you want to? Are you actually running out?
  4. maluminse

    maluminse Well-Known Member

    Does anyone know? Can you buy aftermarket ram for a phone? how difficult? Annie Gaus posted a vid of the iphone screen replacement. Basically you have to tear down the innards of the phone to do so.

    So if thats possible a single component should not be a problem. Unless its soldered in.
  5. Granite1

    Granite1 Zercron Encrusted Tweezer Moderator

    I've never heard of anyone attempting this. Although I've never looked either. :)
    I would assume the components are all soldered in, otherwise they might come loose over time, or from a drop.
    In my honest opinion, I wouldn't try it. You'd first void your warranty and second you might fry the board soldering the new ram in.
    Are you having issues with your evo?
  6. argedion

    argedion The TechnoFrog Moderator

    I would think you can however the danger here is the memory is more than likely soldered in. While you can heat up the solder remove it and then resolder the new heating up the solder could cause other components around it to take on to much heat probably be more trouble than its worth not to mention making sure you place everything back in proper place and connected appropriately. Also Having the phone apart you will need to be cautious of static electricity. One shock could render the phone worthless I've seen it done on mother boards.
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  7. ocnbrze

    ocnbrze DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!! Moderator

    sorry but taking apart your phone to increase memory is way more difficult then just rooting your phone. if you root your phone can very easily take care of the memory issue. like i said in my previous post, flashing a new rom that has everything removed will give you more space. also there are roms that have sense removed and thus it is much smaller. also you can partition your card and move the entire app to the sd card.

    but if you are good with tools then by all means go for it. i have never heard of it being done, but that does not mean it could not be done.
  8. maluminse

    maluminse Well-Known Member

    Somebody do it! : P Maybe when the phone Im waiting for comes out Ill try it on my evo. Can you buy ram? I think I saw a phone shop.
  9. TheBritton

    TheBritton Resident Galaxy Cat

    That is true with internal memory, but I believe he is asking about RAM which is a different thing altogether and cannot be increased my moving apps to sd card.
  10. ocnbrze

    ocnbrze DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!! Moderator

    though this would be true with computers, on the evo it is slightly different. both internal memory and ram are stored on the same system partition of the phone. and by moving the apps to the card will only free so much because gingerbread uses a function called apps2sd. this function only moves part of the app to the card. the other part is still on the phone. and that is why when you move an app to the card you will not see a big drop in memory being moved. also it is for the same reason that widgets that comes with the app will not work when moved to the card.

    the only way to move the entire app to the card is to have a rooted phone and a sd card that is partitioned. to move the apps to the partitioned card you will need a custom rom that has a2sd built in or flash a script called darktremors which you will command the apps to the card. with a2sd it creates a symbolic link on your phone that tells the phone where to look for the app that is not fully on the sd card.

    this is the only way you can fix the issue with having such a small amount of space in your phone. no way around that. i still have not seen anything that was mentioned before in this thread about buying more ram and physically installing it by oneself.
  11. argedion

    argedion The TechnoFrog Moderator

    The confusion here I believe is peoples misunderstanding of RAM, ROM Of the Phone and Computer. Both are pretty much basically the same. RAM can be written to and ROM is READ ONLY. The Difference Between RAM on the Phone and RAM on the Computer is that RAM on the computer is known as upgradable RAM meaning that you can physically change the RAM by replacing the Current RAM. With the Phone it is not upgradable RAM. I would even guess that both the RAM and the ROM are in the same Memory Stick. While it may be possible to change the physical memory stick in the phone because of the programming of the architecture of the phone it may only allow for the same amount of RAM and ROM as which you have currently. Also as I have mentioned before the memory is more than likely soldered in meaning that it will need to be heated up to be removed and the new stick heated up to be secured to the motherboard. This could cause other components near the memory to over heat. The risk is simply not worth the reward which is unknown at this time as I have not heard of anyone successfully doing this.
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  12. RootNow

    RootNow New Member

    What app/widget/whatever is the best for moving apps to sd card. btw my phone is rooted and sd is partitioned.

  13. argedion

    argedion The TechnoFrog Moderator

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  14. Waffles1210

    Waffles1210 New Member

    I know this thread is prob allready dead but for everyone who stumbles on this like i did the simple answer is no. Now for the long answers. This thread is confusing ROM for RAM. RAM is not upgradable because, in the phone, the RAM,CPU and the GPU all exist on one chip. ( usually referred to a SOC, sytem on chip). ROM Needs to be paired with the CPU, meaning you cant just get any eMMC off digikey that fits the form factor, and it is IR soldered onto the bored with a BGA connection. This is done by mechine in the factory and is nearly impossible to solder by hand. Last but not least, brand new ROM needs to be Flashed with firmware that you dont have access to, even if u root the phone.

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