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Can you use Internet Explorer or Firefox on Galaxy S?Support

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  1. firefox73

    firefox73 Well-Known Member

    May seem a basic question but I would like to access my company's website which requires a username and password.

    The website works on Iphone but not on Blackberry's or Nokia E63. I have tried a SGS in the shop and it came up with an error message.

    Spoke with my IT dept and they said the site is only designed to work with Internet Explorer and Firefox. Apples Safari it works with but has some issues on certain rendering etc.

    So the question is can Internet Explorer or Firefox be run as the internet browser on this phone rather than the Google Chrome or whatever it has at present?


  2. Evil Peter

    Evil Peter Well-Known Member

    Mozilla is working on a Firefox app for Android but it's not up and running yet. Internet Explorer is pretty much guaranteed to never show up on the Android platform.
  3. JamesFoster

    JamesFoster Active Member

    You can install an alpha version of Fennec (mobile firefox). Go to the following link on your Galaxy S.

    The file is about 27MB. I've played around with it. But the standard android browser is excellent and is much faster.
  4. Markiz

    Markiz Well-Known Member

    Try opera mobile, dolphin.. Some of them might work. Also, fire your IT guys for being lazy morons.
  5. firefox73

    firefox73 Well-Known Member

    Hey guys, thanksfor the replies.

    Tried Opera Mobile and Fennec but neither of them willl work on the Company's webpage, they just hang after the password has been typed in. Really frustrating as this is probably the most important site I will need the phone for!

    I've 5 days to see if I can gget a workaround otherwise I may have to reluctantly send the phone back for a refund.

    Shame as it seems pretty good in all other areas:(
  6. 2FR35H

    2FR35H Well-Known Member

    whoops never mind
  7. TCC

    TCC Member

    In FireFox at least you can change the browser ID string so the site you visit thinks it is being visited by IE.

    However, by the behavior you describe, it sounds like this might not work, but it is worth a try I guess.

    Here is a link to the plug in that lets FF pretend to be any number of browsers:


  8. Markiz

    Markiz Well-Known Member

    so ff extensions are working for fenec?
  9. TCC

    TCC Member

    Not knowing what fenec is, I have no idea. I was just commenting that FF does allow you to change the user agent string, and if they are not using IE specific code it might allow him to still use the FF browser with that website.

    Should extensions not work, you can change the user agent string by hand in FF as well:
    Changing User Agent in Mozilla Firefox

    EDIT: I see what fennec is. I'd try the about:config method and see if that works.

    Here is a list of the user agent strings for IE (yes, IE identifies itself as Mozilla 4.0):
    http://www.useragentstring.com/pages/Internet Explorer/
  10. Markiz

    Markiz Well-Known Member

    well the guy wants to access his website on SGS, how could he use FF?!
    Opera desktop also has the ability to "fool" the website and mask itself as IE or FF. But that is not what OP needs.

    Hes just not much into smartphones, so he asked what he did.
  11. firefox73

    firefox73 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the posts.

    Have spent a day on this and finally have a way around although perhaps one of you bright sparks will be able to tell me why it is?

    Opera, the Android Default browser and Fennec would not work. Tried adjusting all sorts of settings. Finally found 'Skyfire' browser purely by chance and it works. Could it be the language or some sort of setting? If so, perhaps the others may work with the same particualr setting switched on/off as per Skyfire.

    Now to see if I can get Kies working properly and how to get Android to automatically attribute email attachments to their respective programs. May be a long weekend.......
  12. Markiz

    Markiz Well-Known Member

    well i do post in these forums, but im not that good at these techy stuff myself.

    What i do know is that many websites are written with the most widespread browsers in mind instead of web standards. Why or how exactly that is, i do not know.

    I'm glad you found a solution, it might come handy for someone else in your situation.
  13. Rexrbgh

    Rexrbgh Active Member

    Don't know if it's too late but, download the Skyfire Browser and switch from Mobile view to computer view. This will render the page as found on a regular desktop computer. That may solve your problem.

    Oh, didn't read your last post. ;)
  14. sharkman608

    sharkman608 New Member

    I have the same problem that Firefox posted and I am using SE X10 mini.I wonder what might be the best solution, please help.

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