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    I have a HTC Incredible 2 phone (Android) and a Pioneer CD Receiver in my car. After I pair the two devices, music files on the android begin to play automatically. Any and every Mp3 file on the phone (music, custom ringtones, etc.) will play one by one non-stop.

    To stop this every time I pair up, I have to go to Settings / Wireless & networks / Bluetooth settings / (hard press) device / Options / un-check Media. Then I have to stop the music player. Once that is done, everything works fine. But if I go from using the Bluetooth to using the radio, then go back to using the Bluetooth feature, then the problem starts all over again (auto-playing music files on the phone).

    When I use an HTC Thunderbolt phone (Android) phone and pair it with the car radio, it doesn

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    The music app automatically plays songs, or is it any/every app? If it's just the music app, I'd suggest you force close the stock music app and see if it does it after you kill the music app. Then use a third party music playing app, like Power Amp.
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    I had forced closed all my music apps before pairing. But it launches the Android default player anyway. I tried other music apps but the problem still exists, but I did find reasonable fix.

    I downloaded an app called Media Button Router. After pairing, a menu pops up showing all my music apps, and thus allows me to choose one. I go ahead and ignore that and after a few seconds the app closes and no music begins to play like before. I can live with that but it
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    Reviving an old thread with a new solution. Hope this helps someone.

    I found that Media Button Router did the trick, but it would prevent bluetooth-streamed music from resuming after a call or some other interruption. The app would grab the "play" sent from the stereo when the call ended.

    My fix was to use Tasker ( I set up a profile that triggers when connected to the bluetooth in my car (state >> net >> bluetooth connected). The action is "media >> media button events >> grab". This makes Tasker take-over bluetooth keypress inputs.

    If I want to listen to music from my phone, whatever media application I launch takes over bluetooth control from Tasker. That means that when a call comes in, music will pause, then resume after the call ends.
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