Canada: Possible to Unlock Motorola Dext?

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  1. bobbytomorow

    bobbytomorow New Member

    I have the oppertunity to purchase a Motorola Dext for a very reasonable price, however the seller is with Bell Mobility and I am with Fido. I know in the past it was not possible to unlock some/all Bell handsets for use on Fido but have heard that now it is hit or miss.

    Can anyone help me out?

    (thought I would use the female looking icon for a quicker response :p)

  2. bobbytomorow

    bobbytomorow New Member

    Take it thats a no one knows?
  3. collurjj

    collurjj New Member

    im in the SAME boat as you
    Bought a bell dext for 30 bucks!
    now i need an unlock code!
    where did u find yours??
  4. tase25

    tase25 Well-Known Member

    Whoah, $30! What a sweet deal. How did you get that?
  5. x86Daddy

    x86Daddy New Member

    I bought a code for just over 4 USD on eBay. The vendor was friendly and helpful, but we ran into a language barrier and I thought the code didn't work at first... He sent me two codes, which I first entered together. Later, I realized they might be separate codes, and just entering the first 8 digit code worked for me. My Dext was locked to Bell Canada; now it is not. I found the vendor by searching eBay for "dext unlock". Hope this helps others!

    Also, this phone is for my girlfriend... so where's the $30 Dexts at?! I'd love to grab another in that price range. :)

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