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Cancel Data Plan, keep using Droid 2Support

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  1. pwithem

    pwithem New Member

    I'd like to cancel my data plan (Verizon), but continue using my Droid 2 with a voice only plan. In absolute terms I know this is possible, but more a question of feasibility for me.

    I expect the solution to fall somewhere in this continuum, 1 being simplest:

    1. Call Verizon and ask them to remove the data plan. They comply.
    2. Root my phone. Run an app or modify a file that changes the reported ID of my phone. Activate my new "non-smartphone" and have Verizon remove data plan.
    3. Open up phone and reprogram a chip to say it's actually a different phone. Activate my new "non-smartphone" and have Verizon remove data plan.
    4. Open up phone and replace a chip or other pcb components to say it's actually a different phone. Activate my new "non-smartphone" and have Verizon remove data plan.

    To be clear, I haven't actually tried #1, but the overwhelming forum info on this topic says that Verizon will by policy attach a data plan to any active smartphone on a line.

    Does anyone have any knowledge on easiest way to drop data plan but retain Droid 2 w/voice?

    PS: if you want to discuss merits of using a smartphone without data plan, please do it in another thread.


  2. Goodspike

    Goodspike Well-Known Member

    I'm not sure it's as complicated as you think. I was able to get AT&T to remove the data plan from my old Palm Centro with just a phone call, and as I recall, retain texting (but I'm not sure about the texting). I'm sure there are probably some settings you would want to change to make sure the phone doesn't accidentally access data, because they'd probably charge you a fortune for that.
  3. lunatic59

    lunatic59 Moderati ergo sum Moderator

    You've got two problems.

    1. You are correct. Verizon will not permit a smartphone on their network without a data plan.

    2. Changing the IMEI or any other identifying serial number for your phone to make it appear it is something it is not is illegal.

    If you are not tied to Verizon, you could always try a GMS phone (AT&T or T-Mobile) and put a pay-as-you-go sim in an unlocked phone and just not top up the data. You'll still be able to use the phone Wifi-only and get calls and texts.
  4. pwithem

    pwithem New Member

    ^^I would definitely want some kind of firewall app to prevent any automatic 3G traffic. But, just finding a way to drop the data plan is the first step.

    ^I'm still tied to Verizon for another year. Regarding legality, I still own an LG non-smart phone as a backup. If I did any sort of ID swapping, it would be that phone which I would use - since I own both, who cares? Out of curiosity, what sort of illegality are we talking - the feds throw me in prison kind, or end user violation variety? Either case is absurd of course, but that's not to say it isn't true. Especially when you consider that the service provider mandates that consumers must pay for a service they may not need or want.

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