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  1. ccalexandre

    ccalexandre New Member

    Dear Android users:

    I have a HTC desire hd phone with android 2.2. Recently I have been unable to get access to my drafts folder. Everytime I try to go to my drafts I get the following error message:


  2. GES

    GES New Member

    Finding draft messages on Droid 3. After months of wondering where my draft messages disappeared to, I found the answer. Go to emails (inbox). Click the menu button (bottom row, left side) Select "Folders." Go to Draft folder. It will look blank and in fact, the screen says "No Messages." Don't believe it! At the very top, in the blue bar, it says Yahool! Draft on the left and there is a refresh symbol to the right, and next to that the plus sign + in green. CLICK ON THE + SIGN! Like magic, suddenly all the emails you saved in draft (or thought you lost, disappeared, etc.) are listed here!


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