Cannot attach pictures via Yahoo Mail appSupport

  1. tdfung

    tdfung New Member

    I have the Fascinate from Verizon.

    I tried to attach a picture from the camera gallery and send it via the yahoo email app and it does not attach it. It does send the email and I receive it but without the attachment.

    I even turned on wifi to boost the signal but no luck. It just seems to continually load the attachment.

    I was able to send it successfully using my gmail account, no problem.

    Can anyone help please?


  2. razzzy68

    razzzy68 New Member

    Glad to see others having the same problem! I have a Sprint Intercept and can attach pictures via Gmail or anything other email program I download for the market.

    It just spins when I try to use the Yahoo Mail app. I would rather use Yahoo. Right now I attach the picture from my camera to my Gmail account, then send my gmail to my yahoo account and forward it on...a royal pain!

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