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Cannot Boot Into Recovery Mode (Optimus V)

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  1. GKNByNW

    GKNByNW Well-Known Member

    I've just rooted my Optimus V by following the HOW-TO guide at the top of this forum. GingerBreak went perfectly and I didn't have to wait long at all, In fact, the whole GingerBreak took about 2 1/2 minutes from start to finish, including reboot. After that, everything went fine until I reached Step 7...

    When I try to boot into Recovery Mode, the LG logo comes up for a second or so and then after that I get nothing but a black screen. (Backlight is on, just nothing displayed on the screen.) My phone isn't bricked because if I pull the battery I can reboot normally and everything works fine. Even though the how-to says not to use ROM Manager for anything after flashing the recovery image, I actually went back and tried reflashing. I've even used the "Reboot into Recovery" button in ROM Manager, to no avail. Any suggestions here would be very welcome at this point.

    Also, I'm just curious as to why the HOW-TO post says not to use ROM Manager after flashing the recovery image. If I can't find a way to get my phone into Recovery Mode, should I go ahead and use ROM Manager to attempt the backup and ROM install?

  2. mkbkr1

    mkbkr1 Well-Known Member

    Try flashing the xionia recovery. It sounds like you have a newer V with the sprint screen and drivers.
  3. GKNByNW

    GKNByNW Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the tip. With a little Google-ing, I was able to download and flash the xionia recovery. However, I am now stuck on Step 9 of the How-To guide, "9. Wipe Data/Factory Reset, wipe cache partition, & under Advanced Settings, Wipe dalvik-cache, then format all partitions EXCEPT /sdcard."

    How do I go about formatting all partitions? In the Advanced and Debugging Menu, the only options I see are as follows:

    - Reboot back into Recovery
    - Fix Recovery Boot Loop
    - Wipe Dalvik Cache
    - Wipe Battery Stats
    - LG-Style Factory Wipe
    - Report Error
    - Key Test
    - Partition SD Card
    - Fic Permissions

    I am thinking I need to go to "Partition SD Card" but I am afraid of losing the data I have stored on the card. Any advice here would be great. My phone is currently connected to USB and in the Recovery Mode, so a quick reply from anyone would be great LOL

    As always, thanks in advance.
  4. GKNByNW

    GKNByNW Well-Known Member

    Ok, I've managed to answer my own question :) The format(s) was/were performed during the wiping process. I am now running the IHO BACKside ROM with the Green Machine theme :) :) :)

    Now that I've got my phone back in working order, do I just re-download Titanium Backup from the Market and restore the data I backed up to my SD card?
  5. mkbkr1

    mkbkr1 Well-Known Member

    Correct, however, only restore user apps and data. Do not restore any system apps or data as it will corrupt your new rom.
  6. GKNByNW

    GKNByNW Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the info. Aside from some battery issues (covered in another thread started by myself) all is great with the new ROM. Using just the "stock" settings built in to BACKside, my phone is noticeably faster than stock, with none of the stupid lag that I got every time I ran low on memory. Before, I had to pull my battery at least once a day, sometimes 3 or 4 times, and reboot. Since I rooted and installed Gingerbread, I haven't had to pull the battery a single time. That right there is worth the time I put into researching and learning how to root.

    And the best part of it is, if a different ROM comes along that I want to try I already know how :) :)

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