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Cannot change Brightness with Eclair (Browse All)

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  1. anuragcm

    anuragcm New Member This Topic's Starter

    Aug 25, 2010
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    I am using IMX-51 EVK and android release Eclair. I am using 'G085vW01' LCD for display. I am getting display with eclair, which is not clear. This issue currently I am troubleshooting. My major issue is as the following one.

    As per eclair release note, it is said that LCD brightness cannot change issue got solved in this release. This issue was there in android donut release. I have loaded eclair android binary in IMX-51 board and it is booted completely and I am able to see android home screen. When I go to 'Settings->Display&Sounds->Brightness' and changing brightness, I am not observing any brightness change in LCD.

    Can I solve android donut release brightness issue, by merging changes from eclair release? If so, please provide necessary guidelines on how to achieve this.

    Could you please advice how to resolve this issue?. This is really a show stopper for my release. Please respond as early as possible.:mad:


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