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  1. mike1000

    mike1000 Well-Known Member

    I got my my MyTouch a couple of days ago and was just wondering how do you sync it to the computer? I'm using Win7.

    Its connected via the mini usb that was provided but I can't find any drivers or software that would give me the ability to import music and videos on the device. Does anybody have a solution to this?

    The computer fails to see anything to doi with android or the phone, although when i plug the usb in it still charges the phone and i have used two different cables, so i know it's not that.

    I also tried PDANET but it failed to help me.

    I've pretty much tried everything in tjis thread:

    And i've also tried the suggestions of a few other threads, to no avail. One thing i do know is I'm not the only person this has happened to and i'm surprised TMobile seem unable to accept there's a bug somewhere

  2. tukatz

    tukatz Well-Known Member

    The thread you referenced is actually a myTouch 3G thread, not a 4G. Since you say you have tried everything, I assume that means you have launched Settings, selected Connect to PC, and selected Disk Drive as the Default Connection Type.
  3. mike1000

    mike1000 Well-Known Member

    My problem is a known issue on MyTouch phones and that thread explains exactly what my issue is regardless of 3 or 4g. It's a problem with MyTouch phones, regardless of how many G's they have.

    And yes. My first step was to to select disk drive.
  4. doxiemomma87

    doxiemomma87 Guest

    I couldnt connect mine either. I even installed the software it asked me to for the new sync. I couldnt even get it to connect as a removable drive either. But I eventually got it to after I did a factory reset on it. It never did sync itself, I have to go to my comp,find the drive and actually drag any files over and copy them to get them onto my device...Its pretty LAME that I cant just plug it in and have all my music and pictures auto sync.
  5. tukatz

    tukatz Well-Known Member

    I assumed you probably had, but it was worth asking. My 3G had the problem (after getting the 2.2 OTA upgrade) that if it had been connected to a wall charger or car charger, it would only connect to my PC if I first rebooted it. My 4G and my wife's both connect to our PCs flawlessly. I have not tried to synch anything. I just drag and drop files (music, ebooks, etcl.) as needed.
  6. mike1000

    mike1000 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for your replies.

    This is actually driving me crazy, and whilst the advice regarding a factory reset is good and obvious advice, I'm loath to do it because I would then lose everything i've worked so god damned hard to incorporate on my phone.

    To give you an idea of the lengths i've been to i actually reinstalled Windows 7 fresh and installed the driver from HTC and it connected....for about 3 mins. It then vansihed and i'm back to square one, and the elusive driver is nowhere to be found, although the HTC uninstall device is easily located.

    I know the cable from phone to laptop works because the phone charges, and i know the driver will work once installed because it did actually work for the three mins i mentioned, when i did actually manage to transfer a test video from computer to phone with no issues.

    The other interesting thing is this: When I tried to bypass HTC and install PDANET the set up screen gets to 'installing driver' and just sits there and does nothing, I actually left it for two hours and it didn't move from the 'installing drivers' message.

    With that evidence, I beleive this is an issue with Windows 7 either allowing the drivers or accepting the drivers.

    The other thing that occured to me was: Could I get over this problem by enabling my computer with a bluetooth dongle and simply transfering files that way? I was wondering if bluetooth connection and cable connection were one and the same thing, albeit over a different platform.

    Any thoughts?
  7. jellybeaner

    jellybeaner New Member

    I have the 3g with the latest update the 2.2.1 which completely changed my phone but I have read the forums well scanned them but I haven't seen anywhere where I can actually mount to my computer... I don't want to do a factory reset becuase all of my pictures and videos are on there and I can't even open my pictures to see them it takes forever or it doesnt open period to get them sent to my email and bla bla bla.

    Well anyways can someone tell me the steps to mount to my pc

  8. manishmmr

    manishmmr New Member

    None of you guys are helping. This forum was about how to connect MY 4G to computer. I've tried everything and still it won't connect. The battery says its charging. Connection is on Disk drive. Now can some one tell me what should i do to connect my touch 4 G into the computer? instead of comparing 4G and 3G
  9. tukatz

    tukatz Well-Known Member

    If you get a charging indication on your phone when you connect it to your PC's USB port, but the phone does not connect to the PC, it sounds like a driver issue. I'm running Windows 7 on my laptop and it recognized my phone and installed the driver for it. You could search the Internet for MyTouch 4G drivers for whatever operating system you are using on your PC and install the drivers. I can't think of anything else at the moment. Hope this helps.
  10. EpicIIUser

    EpicIIUser New Member

    New user, I need to create a post before I can post a link...
  11. EpicIIUser

    EpicIIUser New Member

    Try this link:
    Mobile Support

    I installed this: (13.9MB)
    Sprint Android Drivers for XP, Vista, and Win7

    I had the same problem as you and it was fixed when I installed this. Hope this helps!
  12. aysiu

    aysiu Well-Known Member

    When you plug it in, you'll be prompted (on the phone) to mount it as removable storage. Mount it and then confirm when prompted.

    Then it will show up under Computer in Windows 7.

    You can drag and drop files to and from the phone's MicroSD card.

    If you want the sync to be more automated, use DoubleTwist.
  13. lunchboxx10

    lunchboxx10 New Member

    I think i figured out the answer to the problem. This worked for me.

    Plug the phone into the computer w/ the provided cable.
    Go to settings
    Check the box for mass usb storage.

    My phone installed the driver and now I am able to add songs to my phone.

    I only registered today to answer this question for you guys

    ASBASBASB New Member

    I followed the advice and went to settings on MyTouch
    I selected SD and Phone Storage, but there is not a box to select
    called "Mass Storage" or any other box available for selection.

    I'm having the same problem as everyone else.
    When I plug in the usb cord to my laptop (it works as I use it to connect to the wall charger every evening), the computer shows "F" Drive, but when I click to open it or to see files on it, I get the message to
    "Please insert a disk into Removable disk (F:) so obviously the laptop isn't recognizing the phone in plugged in at all.
    I have also checked the driver and it says that it is "up to date" although it is a driver dated 2006.

    Any other ideas?

    ASBASBASB New Member

    After a couple hours on the phone with tmobile and techsupport, we figured out that the usb cord which comes with the wall charger actually WILL work, it's just a matter of doing first things first. Some of the steps were offered by previous posters to whom I'll give all the credit. The last step was suggested by the tmobbile tech rep in Colorado.
    My computer indicated a Removable "F" Drive but when I clicked on it, I rec'd the message to "Insert a disk into the "F" Drive" no matter which USB port I tried on the laptop. With the USB Connected I also tried each of the connections in the HTC MyTouch Settings under Connect to PC, and rebooted/restarted both the computer and phone several times. Still rec'd the same error message, like the laptop was not recognizing the device.
    1. Make sure the driver for the HTC MyTouch is up to date (search online. mine is a 2006 driver but said no newer version and that it's working properly).
    2. With USB Cable connected, On the MyTouch, go into Settings and select "Connect to PC" and make sure that you select "Disk Drive". (The Tmobile rep said that you should also see a USB icon at the top of the phone... I did),
    3. You may have to reboot/restart both the phone and computer as I don't know if this was a needed step or not. But do it anyway just to be sure.
    4. Then I tried unplugging and re-plugging the USB end into the computer, but it made no difference. So, the tech rep said to try unplugging the end that's connected to the phone rather than the USB end.

    If this solves your problem, please rate this reply. Thank You!

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