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  1. sureshbr

    sureshbr New Member

    I recently bought my Samsung Galaxy Y (GT-S5360) and it does not come with a PC-Suite as other phones. I tried to download Samsung Kies from Samsung support site. But the phone would not connect. The USB is recognising, but while it tires to install it, it says trying to connect to CDC Abstract control mode and it fails. Please give me a solution.

    One more issue is that I cannot give IP address of my office PC to my phone. If it is a DHCP, it connects. But numbered IP, I cannot configure. Please help

  2. NATZ

    NATZ Member

    Check whether u have the USB drivers installed right. U can get them installed when u install kies. And use "My Phone Explorer" app to connect phone and PC wireless/bluetooth/USB. The download link to the app: FJ Software Development
  3. kimLJT

    kimLJT Member

    Maybe by inserting your USB cable in different port will help :D. Been on this :D
  4. jeekozemog

    jeekozemog New Member

    cant connect my samsung galaxy y to samsung kies i think its because my phone is reprogrammed pls help can i connect with kies again..:( ty
  5. bintana2003

    bintana2003 Member

    download ******** software for pc, im using this software for any android phones into my pc without any problem just be sure to install the driver for your mobile phone.... I prefer to use this software than samsung kies... i hope that this will solve your problem...

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