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  1. Boopolo

    Boopolo Well-Known Member

    Hi guys,

    i jsut got myself an android phone and very happy with it
    but i cannot set up the gmail account. it keeps saying

    "This could be a temporary problem or your sim card may not be provisioned for data services. If it continues, call customare care"

    other onternet works on phone in browser and i can get the googlemap to work too, jsut cannot set up the market to download apps.

    someone please advise?

    many thanks

  2. lluisanunez

    lluisanunez Member

    I think your account was only partially set up.

    First go to Settings > Applications > Manage applications, and tap the Google Apps entry. Then tap 'Clear data', and tap 'OK' to confirm. This will delete your Google account details. To enter your account details go to Settings > Data synchronization > Google and you'll be prompted with the set up dialogue. Enter your account details and you're done.
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  3. Boopolo

    Boopolo Well-Known Member

    ive already done that. but still showing the same message.

    what do u mean by partially set up? if the internet works on the browser,
    shouldnt it work on connecting to the google server?
    am i missing any other settings?

    oh the other thing is o2 network said they did not have any internet settings on my phone so i just copied across my old phones settings over, maybe i missed something? but there are so many settings i am not sure what is needed

    I bought my phone on the net from hong kong, it is unlocked,
    does that make any difference?
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  4. lluisanunez

    lluisanunez Member

    My phone was also bought on the net and unlocked. During first setup I did'nt enter all my Google account data, after that it was impossible to connect to the Market, I always had the same message as you get.
    If clearing all data under the Google sync menu doesn't work for you, I'd suggest a factory reset
  5. Boopolo

    Boopolo Well-Known Member

    factory reset? what will i lose? took me ages to transfer my numbers over but guess i just have to do it again.

    only just got it so nothing really to lose but just concerned whether it will wipe the unlocked bit and the chinese writing input?

    how do i factory reset it? a special various key entries?
  6. lluisanunez

    lluisanunez Member

    Home > Menu > Settings > Security > Factory Reset

    Yes you'll loose all your contacts, unless you copy them all to the SIM card (one by one, I'm afraid), and all apps you have installed
  7. Boopolo

    Boopolo Well-Known Member

    eeeerrrr....... i have no such thing under security

    under security i have a clear credential storage but cannot access it, it is greyed out

    what is credential storage? is it the same?
  8. lluisanunez

    lluisanunez Member

  9. Boopolo

    Boopolo Well-Known Member

    ahh thank you for your help. i will have a look

    still wont work :mad:

    can someone please shed some more light?

    anyone else had similar problems?
  10. pulsarman

    pulsarman Well-Known Member

    you can hard reset the phone by holding a few buttons when you turn it on or something. cant remember what buttons tho, google it to find out
  11. Boopolo

    Boopolo Well-Known Member

    still nothing :(
  12. Boopolo

    Boopolo Well-Known Member

    ok i did another reset and now i can gt onto the market! brilliant

    but now i can get onto youtube site but the videos wont play, just the circle thing going round in circle. both the proper site and using the built in app. when i try to sign in to my youtube account, it says not recognised!

    one problem after another,
  13. subsvirgin

    subsvirgin New Member

    I had a problem setting up my gmail account and using Android market. I did as was told here. I cleared all data from the gmail app by going into manage application option in settings. And then I tried logging in through the setup app in the menu. It worked. BTW, I use a HTC Wildfire S.

    Thank you all.
  14. galaxino3

    galaxino3 New Member


    I face same problem . I have Samsung Galaxy 3 i5801 . as lluisanunez said , i chose the "manage apps option"from the list in settings and i read this "there are no third party apps installed on your phone" .

    What is data synchronization ? I once came across this word in my Computers book , and never asked my sir about this . please help! i want to solve this problem before i start going to my school after my leave .
  15. KeishaBug8402

    KeishaBug8402 New Member

    mine was doing the same thing, i had to go uninstall the updates on the android market app then it worked fine
  16. Marian14

    Marian14 New Member

    Hi guys! :)

    I have Samsung Galaxy Mini or GT-S5570.. I have a problem. how can I set-up the market to download different apps? Help pls????
  17. ProD83

    ProD83 New Member

    Wow, I probably just sat with my phone for 2 hours now trying to figure out what the heck it wouldn't connect to my google accounts - lluisanunez you are my savor!!! The happiness and relief I felt when it finally connected!!! THANK YOU!
  18. andytx

    andytx Active Member

    I got same problem with HD player, any solution for it?
  19. bobbiestringer

    bobbiestringer New Member

    Just tried to activate my Google account to go n android market and it kept on telling me there was a problem with my android device or the server, couldn't find any info so I just played about in settings. Go to settings, then to accounts and sync and activate the button to let apps talk in the backgroun (background data) came straight on.
    Hope this helps someone :)
  20. Giller

    Giller New Member

    Just got a HTC for my girlfriend, same problem with google. Mainland China has restrictions on google, my guess is that the system we have on the phone is not from HK, but a Mainland one. I'm looking to re-install the europe version, but I'm not sure if it will support Chinese/work in China. Trying to find a HK system to install.
  21. eeneerock

    eeneerock New Member

    Hay i use micromax a110 I have also this problem
  22. MrNepal

    MrNepal New Member

    Thank you lluisansunez, it was great help. Same issue I found yesterday in my Chinese android phone, you really help me out. Did same what you said now it's working fine and I added gmail account & market working fine too. :)

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