Cannot connect to internet without Wi-FiSupport

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  1. DanLatt

    DanLatt New Member

    As the title suggests I cannot connect to the internet without using Wi-Fi.

    Before I go into some detail I have looked around these forums for a solution, and around the rest of the web but to no answer.

    I've recently bought an S3 and it's great, nothing to complain about except I cannot connect to the internet, unless it is on a public or home Wi-Fi. For example I can use my home Wi-Fi fine but as soon as I leave the range I cannot connect to any internet applications.

    Inside my Settings>> More Settings>> Mobile Networks>> my 'Use packet data' is selected and I have turned off my Wi-Fi access on my phone to test this properly.

    I can't find a solution anywhere, any help would be great thank you.

  2. DanLatt

    DanLatt New Member


    Anything at all that could be helpful? If someone has an idea of where I could start pressing buttons I might be able to figure it out myself.
  3. vzw+google+htc=:)

    vzw+google+htc=:) Well-Known Member

    Download phone info app from play store and see how it is connecting. Do you have 4G lte on top of phone? Might be bad SIM card. I loose 4g connection and use the app above to toggle to cdma auto to get data.
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  4. DanLatt

    DanLatt New Member

    Thanks for the reply man, I did install that app and had a look around but unfortunately didn't find an answer.

    But. I did try restarting my phone and ta da. It worked. Such a simple answer, I'm going to give you a thanks anyway for replying, thanks for the help mate.
  5. universem2

    universem2 Well-Known Member

    DanLatt did your problems resurface?

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