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  1. tweety7

    tweety7 New Member

    i just got a chacha and it worked well during the first week. i was able to connect to my campus' wifi network but now it can't, even though the signal is very strong! everytime i turn on wifi, it gets connected to the network for like 1 sec and gets disconnected.

    i called htc support and they told me to make a few changes to the wifi settings (like change the wifi sleep policy to never) but nothing helped! and finally he told me to go to my campus' IT centre and give them my MAC address. but i think that's not the problem cos i was able to connect to the same network before!

    anyone has any idea why this is happening?? pls help!

  2. mostlegendary

    mostlegendary New Member

    I had a similar problem, I was able to reconnect after I removed all wifi networks from the device [Tap Hold on SSID -> Forget Network] , then re-adding the one I wanted to connect to.

    Hope this helps.

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